"Difficult situation with Van den Brom"

THURSDAY, 18 OCTOBER 2012, 14:34 - Motivee
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Behrang Safari played Germany with his national team Sweden. After a true spectacle the game ended 4-4, and Behrang played the entire game. His last match for Anderlecht, however, was dated 2 September.

Ever since left back Olivier Deschacht has been performing at higher level, Safari has been watching most game from the bench, or even the stands. "I've tried talking to VdB, but it didn't help."

"I keep working during training and we'll see what happens. Sometimes it feels as if the coach has personal issues with me, but I can't say for sure. We'll see how it goes, but things can't go on like this. I hope the club is fair with me, and we'll see what happens in January."

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