Efficient Anderlecht wins easily

THURSDAY, 25 APRIL 2024, 22:38 - lajoya
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GAMES An efficient Anderlecht has beaten Cercle Brugge 3-0. Anderlecht did not play thunderously, but struck when possible against a (far)weak(t) Cercle. Leoni gave the home team the lead and immediately afterwards Dreyer doubled the score after a Cercle mistake. In a dull second half, Leoni made it 3-0 after a Warleson blunder. Yet there was also a damper on the revelry. Both Dreyer and Schmeichel had to leave early and it is to be hoped that their injuries are not too serious.

After 20 seconds, Anderlecht were lucky that Schmeichel was on hand. After a run by the speedy Minda, he prevented Denkey from scoring immediately. Anderlecht calmly waited. Dreyer was able to strike after ten minutes, but the Dane delivered a faint shot. Anderlecht lost a lot of ball when playing and there were hardly any combinations or real attacks.

After 24 minutes, Stroeykens did get a good chance, but he had to shoot straight away and could not keep the ball down. On the half-hour, Leoni did score. On a pass from Dreyer, the midfielder got plenty of time and eventually the ball rolled into goal. Immediately after the kick-off, Da Silva fouled with a too-sloppy back pass. Dolberg took off and seemed to run a little too far, but he still cleverly served Dreyer who pushed the 2-0 into the empty goal.

Unfortunately, Dreyer then had to leave the game with a hamstring injury. Dreyer's efficiency is hugely important for this Anderlecht side, but the injury would not be too serious according to initial reports. Thus, Amuzu had to step in earlier than planned. During a counter, Amuzu was given huge space after 41 minutes, but Dolberg played to him a little too late, forcing him to hold back. His placing ball ended up wide.

After half-time, Colin Coosemans was suddenly ready on the touchline. Schmeichel appeared to have adductor problems and was spared as a precaution. He played his last game in the league with Gent in 2020. Cercle did not seem to be able to make a fist immediately after the break, although it did get a chance in minute 52. Leoni made the game dead even before the hour. Leoni paid close attention and tapped in goal, although the goal was a great gift from Warleson who let a simple ball slip.

On the hour, Coosemans had to make his first save on an Olaigbe effort. With the 3-0 lead, keeping control was enough for Purple and White. Riemer substituted Delaney and Stroeykens for Ashimeru and Vazquez in minute 70. In minute 83, N'Diaye returned after suffering an adductor injury in November. Coosemans still had to stand ready for a hard shot by Denkey. Vazquez had another good chance, but was wrongly flagged for offside.

Anderlecht had no problem with Cercle, but will have to travel to Bruges on Sunday for the second leg of the clash with the Bruges rivals, who can then recuperate some players. The question is whether Anderlecht will be able to count on Schmeichel and Dreyer.

Score: 3-0
Goal(s):1-0 Leoni 30', 2-0 Dreyer 32', 3-0 Leoni 56'

Anderlecht:Schmeichel (Coosemans 46'), Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen, Augustinsson (N'Diaye 82'), Rits, Delaney (Ashimeru 70'), Leoni, Stroeykens (Vazquez 70'), Dreyer (Amuzu 36'), Dolberg
Cercle Brugge:Warleson, Lemarechal, Ravych, Lietaert, Siquet (Miangue 71'), Augusto (Olaigbe 46'), Minda (Somers 46'), Francis (Efekele 71'), Da Silva Lopes, Van der Bruggen (De Wilde 64'), Denkey

Yellow: Warleson 37', Da Silva 43', Lemaréchal 52', Vazquez 89', Efekele 90'

Referee: Bram Van Driessche
Stadium: Lotto Park

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