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Appendix was the problem with Leoni

Appendix was the problem with Leoni

YOUTH A few days after the news that Théo Leoni has undergone surgery, Anderlecht has now also announced what the problem is. The captain of the U21 went under the knife for a problem with the appendix. He will be out for a few weeks. Read more »


"Kana not yet ready for the starting eleven

Kana not yet ready for the starting eleven

INTERVIEWS Marco Kana is currently barely getting playing minutes in the first team. Vincent Kompany explains what's going on: "There are 15 to 20 youngsters training with the first team and each of them has a development plan consisting of different parts. Compared to the starting eleven, Kana is not ready yet." Read more »

Kouamé: "Touched at the ankle"

Kouamé: Touched at the ankle

INTERVIEWS Kouamé provoked the first, debatable, penalty. "I wanted to go around the goalkeeper, but he hit me on the ankle," he says convincingly. According to the striker, it was therefore penalty kick. "I wanted to shoot myself, but the coach had indicated the penalty takers in the locker room." 
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Kompany: "Clear foul on Murillo"

Kompany: Clear foul on Murillo

INTERVIEWS Vincent Kompany was clear after the game: "We were not on level terms." Afterwards, his frustration with the match and his team's performance was clearly evident: "The group clearly needs to do better than this." Kompany, who normally always remains calm, was clearly concerned and indicated that there is enough offensive competition in the team and that he selects based on the form level of the players. This indicates possible substitutions for next match.
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