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RSCA-Brugge - Webmaster
It's an exciting day for the Belgian soccer! The game Brugge-Anderlecht is played.
The players of Anderlecht arrived in Brugge, but are not in the mood to play, except for Andy Najar. So the Mauves go to the bar and only Najar will play.
After 10 minutes Roofe switches on the radio and hears that Anderlecht is leading 0-1. The RSCA-players chear and continue their party!
By the end of the game, Roofe turns the radio back on and hears that Brugge equalised the score in the last minute. Kemar curses and right at that moment Roofe enters the bar.
The Anderlecht players ask: "Well? What happened?"
- Roofe answers: "Sorry guys, I got a red card in the 12th minute!"

Blondes - Webmaster
Why is it that the blondes don't support Club Brugge?
- They are not THAT dumb!

Standard - Webmaster
A Standard-fan goes to the ticketting office with 250 euro.
The employee asks: "What do you need? A season-ticket or a player?

Genk and smurfs - Webmaster
What do Genk and the smurfs have in common?
They are both small and know how it feels to be blue!

George Leekens to Brugge - Webmaster
Big news! Brugge trainer Philippe Clement is replaced by George Leekens.
Yes, that's true! Last week, Leekens said in an interview that he wasn't going to be into soccer for a while...

Brugge and smurfs - Webmaster
Question: What's the difference between Brugge and the smurfs?
Answer: There is only one clumsy one with Smurfs!

Philippe Clement and Franky Vercauteren - Webmaster
Brugge trainer Philippe Clement is on the phone with RSCA-trainer Franky Vercauteren. Clement asks: "How do you manage to let your team play that well?"
- "Well, it's not that hard, I let them play against modelling-dolls. We score like 11 goals and that's good for the moral of the team."
"Okay", says Clement. "I will try that."
Two days later, Clement calls again and he says: "I did what you said, but what do you do when you are losing 2-0?"

Flies in Antwerp - Webmaster
What happens when an Antwerp-fan swallows a fly?
Then he has more brains in his stomach than in his head!

No comment - Maniac
An Anderlecht-supporter walks to the stadium. On his way he sees a dead, naked woman.
The fan is in shock and he puts his scarf over her breasts and his shirt over her face.
After that, he continues his way. A few minutes later, a Brugge supporter passes.
He sees the dead lady and finds it terrible, so he covers up her intimate zone with his Brugge-cap. Afterwards, he continues his way.
5 minutes later, a police officer passes by and sees the lady. He removes the Brugge-cap and calls his collegue. Together they look at the cap and one of the officers says: "Damn! This is the first time in my life I see a Brugge-cap without a dick under it!!

Clement on the RSCA pitch - Webmaster
Philippe Clement visits an Anderlecht-training. Afterwards he talks to Franky Vercauteren. Clement asks how Vercauteren decides over the starting line-up.
"I look at the prestations and fitness of the players and I do a small intelligence test." says Franky Vercauteren.
"Oh, how do you do that?", asks Clement.
"Look..." says the Anderlecht-trainer. "It's the son of your father and not your brother. Who is it?" asks Vercauteren to Sambi Lokonga.
"It's me." says Lokonga.
"Very good" answers Vercauteren. "You see? That's how I do it." he says to Clement.
"I must remember that!" thinks Clement when he's driving back to Brugge.
When he arrives there, the Brugge-coach does the same test and he calls Brandon Mechele with him.
"It's the son of your father and not your brother. Who is it?" asks Clement.
Mechele starts sweating and thinking...."ummm, ummm, the butcher maybe?"
"No you morron!" says an angry Clement. "It's Sambi Lokonga!"

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