1. Rules

Participating the prono involves that you agree with the disclaimer and the rules below.

2. Participate the prono

The prono will continue as long as there are Champions League and/or Europa League games. You have to send in your form half an hour before the first game of the prono-round. Within 24 hours, the results will be online along with the new prono. But it's possible that the time schedule could be changed by the webteam because of exceptional circumstances. You can only participate once per round. Though you can adapt your results until half an hour before the kick-off of the first game. The prono ends after the finals of the Europa League and Champions League. Just one person per family can participate! So each geographical address can only be entered once in our database.

3. Games and points

The number of games included in the prono can change. Normally we start with 10 games per round, but by the end of the season, only 2 games will be included in the prono. We decide how many Champions League and Europa League games we pick.
System: If you predicted the exact score, you'll get 3 points. If you have the result correct (victory, draw or defeat without having the score exactly correct), you'll receive 1 point. If a game ends in a draw after 90 minutes and extra time is played, score after the extra time counts. If there is a penalty shoot-out, the score after extra time is the valid one as well.
Bonus team: You have to select a bonus team when you register for the prono. It's important to select a good bonus team. Each time your bonus team wins, your points will be doubled for this team! The points are only doubled as long as the team plays in the Champions League.

4. Prizes

Winner: The contestant who's in first place at the end of the season will receive a surprise! This prize will be sent by postal service.
Most loyal contestant: The most loyal contestant is the one who participated the most to the prono during the season. Out of the candidates, one winner will de drawn. He/she will receive a surprise too.
Tie: When there is a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.
2 Prizes: It's not possible that one and the same person wins the both prizes

5. Sanctions

Breaking one of the rules involves that you will be banned from the prono.

6. Questions and problems

Do you have questions or problems related to the prono? Go to our contact form.