AA Ghent - Anderlecht: 2-3

SUNDAY, 23 MARCH 2008, 22:38 - rsca-bart
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Tonight, Anderlecht won 3-2 away against Ghent. It looked like it was heading for a large 0-3 victory, but Ghent managed to get dangerously close to a point at the end of the game.

It is getting crowded for second place in the ranking. After Bruges' loss at Dender (1-0), Anderlecht and Cercle Bruges share the third place with a difference of only two points with Club. The third place and the European ticket that comes with it is surely within touching range for the Purple and White.

After the weak performance in the Cup against GBA, the Anderlecht fans were waiting for an improved performance image of the team against Ghent. However, it looked as if the Brussels team were going to lose in the first quarter of an hour, as Ghent was the boss on its own field. Luckily for Anderlecht, Ghent couldn't convert its chances into goals.

It was the opposite for Anderlecht, they scored at every opportunity given. Twice it was Vlcek who got the ball between the nets. The first time was in the 23rd minute of the game, on an assist by Mbark Boussoufa. The second time was in the 37th minute, another assist from Boussoufa.

The second half began with the same 22 actors. For a long time, the teams kept the game in balance, until Dario Smoje stopped the ball in the box with his hand. The line referee and Nzolo didn't hesitate and put the ball on the penalty spot. It was Frutos that took the responsability and put the ball calmly beyond Jorgacevic. With only 20 minutes to play, the game was decided in the advantage of Anderlecht. Jacobs allowed Hassan and Pieroni a few playing minutes but they couldn't score anymore. Not for Anderlecht anyway, but Ghent came by for a moment and put the 1-3 on the scoreboard. Ghent made 2-3 and with still 3 minutes extra time to play, nervous moments awaited Anderlecht. Anderlecht had trouble in keeping the ball in its ranks. Luckily, there was the in-form Davy Schollen to spare Anderlecht blushes.

Through this victory, Anderlecht gain two points from its rival Club Bruges. It now shares third place with Cercle Bruges. Leader Standard just won 2-0 against Mons and enlarged its advance.

Score: 2-3
Goal(s): 23' Stanislav Vlcek 0-1, 37' Stanislav Vlcek 0-2, 63' Nicolas Frutos (pen, 0-3), 88' Dominic Foley (1-3), 89' Admir Haznar (2-3)

AA Ghent:Bojan Jorgacevic, Aleksandar Mutavdzic, Roberto Rosales, Dario Smoje (79' Christophe Grondin), Marko Suler, Randall Azofeifa (67' Adekanmi Olufade), Khalilou Fadiga (79' Admir Haznadar), Milos Maric, Bryan Ruiz, Bernd Thijs, Dominic Foley
RSC Anderlecht:Davy Schollen, Olivier Deschacht, Guillaume Gillet, Roland Juhasz, Jelle Van Damme, Marcin Wasilewski, Lucas Biglia, Mbark Boussoufa (87' Goor), Jan Polak, Nicolas Frutos (75' Pieroni), Stanislav Vlcek (80' Hassan)

Yellow cards: 7' Marcin Wasilewski, 31' Randall Azofeifa, 32' Aleksandar Mutavdzic, 60' Olivier Deschacht, 63' Dario Smoje, 72' Jelle Van Damme
Red cards: none

Referee: Nzolo
Stadium: Jules Otten

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