Brugge-RSCA 1-1

SUNDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 2008, 17:10 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht and Brugge both played a good game this afternoon. The final score was 1-1, though Anderlecht deserved a lot more than that. A lot of decent chances were missed. The Mauves even ended the game with 10.

Brugge took the best start, with Sonck opening the score within the first 5 minutes. Kruiswijk, who replaced the suspended Van Damme, headed the ball in Sonck's feet and he scored: 1-0.

Anderlecht reacted furious and threw everything they got at the home side. The visitors created a lot of chances through a good playing Legear and Boussoufa, but they couldn't equalise before the break.

In the second half, Boussoufa immediately scored: 1-1 after a nice attack via Legear. The Mauves stayed in command and pushed the home-side back into their own box. Several more great efforts followed. Frutos had the best chance, but he missed for an open goal. Later on, Anderlecht's second goal was denied by the crossbar.

And then referee found it necessary to take a leading role in the game. Just as in the season of 2002-2003, he seriously crippled Anderlecht's attacking ability by sending Frutos off. With 11 minutes left to play, Frutos was pulled down. Brugge player Simaeys deliberately stepped on Frutos arm, though it was the Argentinian player who received a second yellow. Again an inadmissible mistake from what is supposed to be Belgium's best referee.

Though being reduced to 10, Anderlecht easily held one point and even created a few more chances. After the game, Frutos and as well coach Jacobs reacted furiously on the decisions of referee De Bleeckere, who clearly privileged the home team.

Score: 1-1
Goal(s): 04' Sonck (1-0), 49' Boussoufa (1-1)

Club Brugge: Stijnen, Alcaraz, Clement, Klukowski, Simaeys, De Mets, Dirar, Geraerts, Vargas (75' Van Heerden), Akpala, Sonck
Anderlecht: Zitka, Deschacht, Juhasz, Kruiswijk, Wasilewski, Gillet, Legear (83' Chatelle), Polak, Sare (46' Biglia), Boussoufa (91' Suarez), Frutos

Yellow: 35' Wasilewski, 44' Frutos, 56' Geraerts, 78' Frutos
Red: 78' Frutos (2x yellow)

Referee: Frank De Bleeckere
Stadium: Jan Breydel

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