Anderlecht does what it has to do on day one

MONDAY, 3 AUGUST 2009, 10:20 - Alientje
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Anderlecht did what they had to do against KV Kortrijk. They won their game with a 0-2 victory thanks to goals of Mbark Boussoufa and Marcin Wasilewski.

Biglia was fit to play. Polak wasn’t and got replaced by Gillet. Already after five minutes Anderlecht got their first chance to score, but Boussoufa missed. A few minutes later he corrected his mistake and scored. Afterwards Anderlecht dropped their speed but even then Kortrijk couldn’t score. After half an hour, Legear could score the 0-2, but just missed as well.

It seemed like both teams were happy with the result, because in the second half there wasn’t much to do. Only after 70 minutes there was some action: Wasilewski scored! With still 15 minutes to play, Suarez was replaced by Frutos and also Reynaldo got a couple of minutes to play. At the end of the game Kortrijk was a bit dangerous, but they didn’t manage to score.

Result: 0-2
Goals: '07 Boussoufa 0-1, 70' Wasilewski

Kortijk: Verbauwhede, Lazarevic, Reina, Verbrugghe, De Beule (84' Soetaers), Hempte, Kums, Benko, Ebrahima (62' Xavier Barbosa), Calvo (62' Messoudi), De Ly
Anderlecht: Proto, Deschacht, Juhasz, Van Damme, Wasilewski, Boussoufa, Gillet, Suarez (84' Reynaldo), De Sutter (74' Frutos), Biglia, Legear (68' Chatelle)

Yellow: 45' Boussoufa, 52' Verbrugghe, 73' Biglia
Red: /

Referee: Serge Gumienny
Stadium: Guldensporenstadium

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