RSCA-STVV 2-1: return of Wasyl, goodbye Frutos !

SUNDAY, 9 MAY 2010, 23:02 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht ended the season in style by finally beating STVV. The result was 2-1, but most of the fans will remember this game because of the return of Wasilewski and the goodbye of Frutos.

Before the game started, Nicolas Frutos received an applause of several minutes. The fans also created a big flag saying "thanks for everything goleador". Moved to tears, Frutos enjoyed this last honour.
And also former player Pär Zetterberg was honoured. He was chosen as best player in the Belgian league of the last decade.

The game itself had no importance. The pace was low and STVV had a good chance after a few minutes. But Zitka, in the starting line-up again, kept Sidibe from scoring. Then Anderlecht woke up and scored immediately. Suarez centered and Van Damme scored.

Anderlecht had control now and created several more chances. After the break, Van Damme opened for Suarez and he scored. Cantaluppi brought STVV back from the penalty spot, before being sent off a few minutes later.

Another great moment for the fans was when Wasilewski made his come-back. He played for seven minutes and even almost scored.

Result: 2-1
Goal(s): 18' Van Damme 1-0, 58' Suarez 2-0, 72' Cantaluppi 2-1 (pen)

STVV: Mignolet, Odoi (73' Commers), Buysen, Euvrard, Cantaluppi, Delorge (64' Appeltans), Wilmet, Siani, Deferm, Onana (59' Antheunis), Sidibe
Anderlecht: Zitka, Gillet, Deschacht, Mazuch, Juhasz, Van Damme, Chatelle (67' Legear), Polak (83' Wasilewski), Biglia, Boussoufa, Suarez (74' Lukaku)

Yellow: Van Damme, Chatelle, Deferm
Red: 84' Cantaluppi

Referee: Allaerts
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock

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