Mechelen-Anderlecht 0-0

MONDAY, 31 JANUARY 2011, 01:26 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht could not beat KV Mechelen today. The score remained 0-0. The Mauves tried to put pressure on the home side, but their defense did not break. Anderlecht was also denied two penalties.

The first chance was for Lukaku early in the game, but then the home defense thightened its grip. Close before the break, Gillet had an excellent chance on a corner kick but Van Hoevelen threw himself in front of the ball. Polak then offered a good chance to the home team with a bad pass. Proto saved. Meanwhile, Boussoufa had also been brought down in the box. The referee didn't give the penalty.

The second half brought more of the same. Pressure from Anderlecht, but no real chances. Legear had the only good effort, but his shot went over. The Mauves were denied a second penalty close before the end. But the game remained scoreless.

Result: 0-0
Goals: /

KV Mechelen: Renard, Van Loo, Van Hoevelen, Pandza, Ghomsi, Buyens, De Witte, Gorius, AG.Iddi (84' AY.Iddi), Destorme (92' Vidarsson), Ibou (71' Wilmet)
Anderlecht: Proto, Wasilewski, Mazuch, Juhasz, Lecjaks, Gillet, Biglia, Polak (74' Kanu), Legear (63' Suarez), Lukaku (81' De Sutter), Boussoufa

Yellow: Buyens, Lecjaks, Boussoufa, Biglia
Red: /

Stadium: Achter de Kazerne
Referee: Geldhof (46' Brinkman)

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