Anderlecht into crisis after another heavy defeat

SUNDAY, 10 APRIL 2011, 23:52 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht suffered another heavy defeat in the play-offs. Club Brugge easily beat a weak and uninspired Anderlecht with 3-0. Because of the defeat of Genk, the leaders are still in reach, but all the opponents are also closing in

The Mauves started with Gillet on the right back instead of Wasilewski. Biglia was back after a suspension.

The game remained exciting for about three minutes. Then Anderlecht already took a goal. Proto was distracted and pushed a center into Geraerts feet. He scored the opening goal.
Anderlecht couldn't really react. The players seemed to be more motivated than last game, but the passes were still bad and there was no creativity. Slowly, the Brussels' club could eventually restore the balance. Creating chances didn't succeed though. There were a few centers and a few small chances, but nothing more.

Also the opponent couldn't create chances anymore. But referee Gumienny helped. Gillet made a mistake and raised his leg too high. Blondel fell, clearly outside the box, but the referee put the ball on the penalty spot. Perisic scored the 2-0 minutes before the break.

In the second half, Anderlecht tried to do something. There were again some small chances, but Brugge scored on the counter attack. Akpala ended Anderlecht's ambitions. And it could have even been worse. The home side hit the post twice and Suarez got his second yellow card... Final score: 3-0.

Result: 3-0
Goal(s): 3' Geraerts 1-0, 42' Perisic 2-0 (pen), 52' Akpala 3-0

Club Brugge:Coosemans, Hoefkens, Donk, Van Gijseghem, V.d.Heyden, Dirar, Geraerts, Odjidja (65' Vermeulen), Blondel (78' Van Acker), Perisic (83' Lestienne), Akpala
Anderlecht:Proto, Gillet, Mazuch, Juhasz, Lecjaks, Marecek (46' Badibanga), Kouyate, Biglia, Legear, Suarez, Lukaku (82' Veselinovic)

Yellow: 40' Gillet, 41' Biglia, 62' Suarez, 68' Suarez
Red: 68' Suarez (2x geel)

Referee: Serge Gumienny
Stadium: Jan Breydel

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