Referee to decide Cercle-Anderlecht

MONDAY, 7 NOVEMBER 2011, 00:02 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht lost points on the league today for the first time in seven games. Cercle beat the Mauves, down to ten men since minute 35, with 1-0. A deflected ball went in, in the very last minute of the match...

Overall it was a weak game, as well before as after the red card for Jovanovic. Anderlecht started with offensive intentions, with Mbokani in the team. That led to control over the game, but the pace was too low and the passes not accurate. Cercle didn't do much better, though Vetokele gave Juhasz a difficult evening in the defence.

The game changed when Jovanovic got red. The Serbian was pulled down right in front of the box by Vidarsson. That last tripped over Jovanovic' leg as the striker was getting up. Vidarsson theatrically fell, as he had been hit badly. Referee Vervecken saw his moment to shine and enthusiastically started handing out cards: yellow for Wasilewski and Cornelis for protest and pushing. Red for an unlucky Jovanvic...

From then on, Anderlecht lost the control over the game. Though the defence held easily. Cercle only managed to create two chances. Anderlecht couldn't break out and was only dangerous on free kicks and corner kicks. A draw seemed a logical outcome, but in the very last minute, Rudy scored after a scrimmage in front of Proto's goal: 1-0. Immediately also the final result...

Result: 1-0
Goal: 91' Rudy 1-0

Cercle Brugge: Verbist, Cornelis, Reis, Mertens, Evens, Neto, Vidarsson, D'Haene (72' Van Eenoo), Rudy, Iachtchouk, Vetokele
Anderlecht: Proto, Wasilewski, Juhasz, Kouyate, Safari, Marecek (90' Odoi), Kljestan, Gillet, Jovanovic, Suarez, Mbokani (80' Canesin)

Yellow: Juhasz, Cornelis, Wasilewski, Cornelis, Reis, Proto, Van Eenoo
Red: 35' Jovanovic

Referee: Vervecken
Stadium: Jan Breydel

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