Vitesse not happy with Andrelecht's approach to John van den Brom

MONDAY, 21 MAY 2012, 16:46 - timmm3
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Vitesse coach John van den Brom qualified yesterday in the Dutch competition for the Europe League next year. After yesterday's game, he spoke about Anderlecht's intrest to sign him as head coach. In the meantime, Vitesse is not a

Van den Brom said "the intrest from a club as Anderlecht pleased him. I would cut myself short aswel as Anderlecht if I was not to respond to this". He further added that he still has a 2 year contract at Vitesse and it was not up to him whether or not he would stay at the club.

Shortly Van den Brom will have a meeting with Vitesse owner Majeb Jordania about his future. Apparently the two do not get along very well. "This is complete nonsense, but the future is for him to decide", said Van den Brom. "If our conversation turns out possitive, I stay at Vitesse. If he rather sees me go, then that will be it. This is a fantastic club, and I would like to progresse with this team to reach top four next year. I hope that Jordania wants to progress as well".

Technical Director Van Leeuwen : "Anderlecht is committing a robery".

In the meantime Vitesse reacts displeased about Anderlecht's approach to Van den Brom. TD Van Leeuwen said to NUsport: "the way Anderlecht has approached our head coach is unacceptable. You do not expect that from a club as Anderlecht who has such a good reputation. It is almost like a hostile takeover".
"Anderlecht has directly approached Van den Brom and his managers, but has ommited to contact Vitesse. Our season depended on the play-offs. With one match to go, Anderlecht should not have acted in this way. Especially not as everyone knows our contract with the coach was automatically extended for 2 years last month as we reached the play-offs. We are not open to let him go, as far as what we are concerned, he will stay".

Source :Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad

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