Anderlecht beat Genk in spectacular match

MONDAY, 24 DECEMBER 2012, 16:43 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht is one step closer to the title after beating Racing Genk with 2-4. The ruling champions put their competitor at 14 points. Even with the play-off system where the points are divided in two, this is still a large gap.

Anderlecht and Genk served the fans an entertaining match with offensive football, high pace, good combinations and lots of goals. The two teams immediately started by creating chances on both sides. For about 15 minutes, Anderlecht dominated, but then the home side took over. Nonetheless, the visitors opened the score via Gillet, who headed the 0-1 against the net. Genk seemed the be knocked out and Anderlecht saw their chance on doubling the lead. On a fast counter attack they did so: De Sutter took over the ball from Jovanovic and scored.

The second half started with Anderlecht controlling the match. Genk needed a goal to come back into the match, but lacked precision and strength to do so. When the Brussels' defence could not clear a ball from their box, Koulibaly reacted the quickest and he pushed the ball under Proto: 1-2.

This was the sign for Genk to create immense pressure. Anderlecht started doubting and were unable to keep the ball into the team. The defence had lots of trouble keeping Genk from equalising and Proto had to save on multiple occasions. After 77 minutes of play, Plet was sent deep and he scored: 2-2.

The last 13 minutes of the match brought a lot of excitement. Proto had to keep that same Plet from scoring the 3-2. On the counter attack, Kanu's effort from a great distance hit the upright. De Sutter reacted more quickly than goalkeeper Van Hout and scored the 2-3. Game finished everyone thought, but still it wasn't over. Safari pulled the shirt of a Genk player in the box: penalty but Vossen hit the crossbar. In injury time, Iakovenko decided the match. With a hard shot he surprised goalie Van Hout and made it 2-4.

In the other match of 'Super Sunday', Club Brugge beat Standard with 1-3.

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