Ghelamco to invest in the new stadium?

TUESDAY, 1 OCTOBER 2013, 10:43 - D.A.B.
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Ghelamco, the real estate group that also constructed the new Stadium of AA Gent, is now interested in investing in the new national/Anderlecht stadium.

CEO of the group, Gheysens, has a plan to keep two stadiums in Brussels, namely the new national stadium and the old Boudewijn Stadium where athletics events can be held. Ghelamco would even consider to buy the latter.

Gheysens expects that the new stadium can be built for 150 million and would be willing to invest 30 million themself. And that might be correct. The AA Gent stadium cost 50 million euro for 20.000 seats. So if the new national stadium will house 60.000 fans plus commercial activities, then 150 million may be correct.

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