Van Holsbeeck: "Reinforcements in the winter&qquot;

TUESDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2013, 11:13 - D.A.B.
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Anderlecht is a club in crisis. During the summer, the management decided to give the young players a chance. And that choice is justified seen the talent these players have. But the more experienced ones disappoint us...

Anderlecht already suffered four defeats in the league and that is unacceptable. The fans are becoming irritated by the worst start in league in 15 years time. Also in the Champions League Anderlecht's chances of qualifying are already down to a low after just two games.

Therefore manager Van Holsbeeck announced some action: "I've noticed some problems. We don't have a real leader on the field. Especially our midfield is facing problems. We had hoped for De Zeeuw to be able to replace Biglia, but he turns out our biggest disappointment. Therefore we will get reinforcements in December and January."

Also Cyriac played a dramatic match against Kortrijk last weekend. He might be loaned to another club in January. Further, also captain Gillet should fear for his place in the team. Anthony Vanden Borre is on his way back and might take his place.

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