Anderlecht win through Dolberg's penalty

MONDAY, 7 AUGUST 2023, 10:22 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht responded after their poor debut at Union with a 1-0 win against champions Antwerp. Anderlecht certainly did not play great, but showed the necessary fighting spirit. The first half was chance-poor, yet Anderlecht took the lead through a Dolberg penalty just before half-time. After half-time Anderlecht had to back off and Antwerp got a few good chances. Anderlecht had a couple of good breaks and Dreyer hit the post. Next week Anderlecht must confirm this result at STVV.

The match started with a long period in which both teams assessed each other. Antwerp lined up well and Anderlecht, already playing better football than last week, often played the long ball, playing too slowly and backwards too often.

On a free kick by Dreyer in minute 39, N'Diaye had a great header chance, but the Senegalese was at least a metre offside. De Laet intervened well to prevent a shot after a Sardella cross. In extra time, however, there was a sudden stir. N'Diaye, who was not offside, went down over Alderweireld's leg and Vergoote pointed to the spot. Dolberg kicked the penalty into the ropes and scored Purple White's first goal this season.

A chance-poor first half apart from the penalty. Anderlecht did not play badly against the champions, but there was no creativity.

After half-time, it did not take long until there was danger: Leoni's cross just failed to reach a teammate. After stupid ball loss by Debast, Anderlecht were lucky when Janssen wasted a chance through poor control. Antwerp pushed the accelerator harder, but it was Anderlecht that almost doubled the lead. Dryer went close and hit the post with a crossed shot. On the hour, Lonwijk made his debut when he replaced Stroeykens.

The game now went back and forth quickly. Janssen had a huge chance after a ball was unhappily deflected, but Sardella was able to block the effort before the line. Anderlecht pulled back deep, this with 20 minutes and extra time left on the clock. Ten minutes before time, Dupé had to take his first real action on a low shot from Alderweireld.

Vazquez, Delcroix and Patris also came into the field which meant Riemer already used all the substitutes. In the regular closing stages, George decided on Dupé and brought on Alderweireld as an extra striker. He headed through to Ekkelenkamp who was able to score, but VAR disallowed the goal due to offside. In the seven minutes of extra time, Anderlecht held firm and could end their first home match of the season with a win.

A better (though not difficult) performance than last week from Purple and White where Leoni did a good job in midfield. Vertonghen once again showed his value for the team at the back. Next weekend follows the always tricky move to STVV where Anderlecht must confirm this performance.

Score: 1-0
Goal(s):1-0 Dolberg PEN (45'+5)

Anderlecht:Dupé, Sardella (Patris 83'), Debast, Vertonghen, N'Diayé (Delcroix 83'), Diawara, Leoni, Stroeykens (Lonwijk 61'), Amuzu (Raman 68'), Dryer, Dolberg (Vazquez 83')
Antwerp:Butez, De Laet (Vines 73'), Alderweireld, Van Den Bosch, Bataille, Yusuf, Vermeeren, Muja (Kerk 61'), Balikwisha, Ondrejka (Ekkelenkamp 61'), Janssen (George 73')

Yellow: Balikwisha 38', Patris 90'+2

Referee: Jasper Vergoote
Stadium: Lotto Park

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