Financial statements 2022-2023: much more revenue, but still a loss

FRIDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2023, 10:29 - emjomi
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OTHER Anderlecht today announced the figures from its annual accounts for the 2022-2023 financial year, which runs concurrently with the soccer season. Purple-white still suffered a loss of 6 million euros, but that is much less than the previous year's 27 million. 

Compared to the year before, Anderlecht saw its turnover increase significantly last season: from 78.5 to 101.2 million euros. As causes the club cites the outgoing transfers of Sergio Gomez and Julian Duranville and the income from the Conference League. "But commercial and operational revenues also increased, again despite missing the playoffs," the club informs.

Another positive trend is that labor costs decreased by 4 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. In 2022-2023, the club paid 54.7 million euros in wages. "And that despite the indexation of staff salaries and the impact of the new NSSO regulations for professional footballers," Anderlecht says.

What did rise, sensitively even, are the operational costs. Those went up by 10 percent to €32.4 million. The sharp rise in energy prices, the integration of Futures in 1B and the costs incurred for European travel are cited as reasons.

The operating loss (EBIT, Earnings Before Interest and Tax, i.e. pass before taxes), was just under 3 million euros last season. That is a lot less than the 27.4 million euros of the previous season.

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