No Final Four of Champions League for RSCA Futsal

TUESDAY, 5 DECEMBER 2023, 19:52 - lajoya
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OTHER RSCA Futsal failed to reach the final four-team stage of the Champions League. Anderlecht's indoor soccer team lost to Sporting Lisbon 4-1 tonight. It is the Portuguese top team that qualifies for the Final Four as a result.

Both RSCA Futsal and Sporting Lisbon had won their first two matches. So a mutual duel would decide who qualifies for the Final Four. Sporting ran out to 2-0, but before the break Grello scored the tying goal. In the second half, the Portuguese ran out to 4-1.

"Sporting reached the final of the Champions League four times in the past five years. In May they kept us out of the final of the Final Four without mercy.Beating Sporting would be a real stunt," RSCA Futsal goalkeeper Cristiano Marques told us beforehand. And so it didn't work out.

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