Riemer: "It will always come down to details"

TUESDAY, 2 APRIL 2024, 09:42 - emjomi
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INTERVIEWS With a win against Antwerp, Anderlecht started the Champions' Playoffs just fine. Purple and white hoist themselves next to Union for a while, but coach Brian Riemer is not concerned with that yet. "There are nine more difficult matches to come. The standings mean nothing right now."

"Now we can enjoy this victory for a while, but then we have to focus on the next match again. We are still with six strong teams. It will always come down to details who wins. You have to work hard to get those details in your favor. Our matra is 'the harder you work, the luckier you get.'"

Riemer acknowledged that Antwerp had the upper hand before halftime, but he did make an important point: "They weren't dangerous," the coach said. "In soccer, sometimes it goes like this. At Antwerp we were brilliant before halftime and they were very strong after. In the matches to come it will always be back and forth. It is important to survive the phases where your opponent has the initiative and then exploit your chances yourself."

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