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Sardella: "Executed our plan very well"


‘This victory is gratifying,' Killian Sardella told reporters after the game against Cercle Brugge. ‘We implemented the coach's tips perfectly. Our plan worked perfectly,' the right-back said. ‘We played a mature match.' Read more »


Proto: 'RSCA must keep Schmeichel'

Proto: 'RSCA must keep Schmeichel'

Former RSC Anderlecht goalkeeper Silvio Proto has stated in La Dernière Heure that Kasper Schmeichel's performances are currently 'in balance'. According to Proto, Schmeichel has won points for Sporting, but also lost some. He has managed to elevate his level throughout the season and is clearly confident. Proto emphasizes that Schmeichel quickly recovers after a small mistake and benefits from the experience he has gained throughout his career. Read more »

Amuzu: 'I am not thinking about a transfer'

Amuzu: 'I am not thinking about a transfer'

Francis Amuzu is hungry for a trophy, as he has yet to win any titles with the A-team since joining in 2017. This season, he could celebrate his first title, after almost winning the championship with a youth team every season. The team was determined to beat Union last Sunday after a long streak without a victory. Now, they aim to win against Genk to strengthen their first-place position. Read more »




Riemer: "It will always come down to details"


With a win against Antwerp, Anderlecht started the Champions' Playoffs just fine. Purple and white hoist themselves next to Union for a while, but coach Brian Riemer is not concerned with that yet. "There are nine more difficult matches to come. The standings mean nothing right now." Read more »

Debast: "Killian will tease me now"


I am very happy that we won this match, even if it was only 1-0," Zeno Debast said after the game against Antwerp. "It was difficult today, especially in the first half. After halftime we played better. The red card did help us." Read more »

Leoni: "Apart, but given everything"


Theo Leoni had to acknowledge after the game against Antwerp that the visitors had the upper hand before halftime. "I don't know if Anderlecht was weak in the first half or if Antwerp was very strong," the midfielder said. Read more »

"World Cup break was a gift for Anderlecht"

In the interview in Het Laatste Nieuws, Jan Vertonghen also reflected on his first months at Anderlecht. He noted that Felice Mazzu's system did not work here. "The appointment of Jesper Fredberg and Brian Riemer had an incredible impact," the defender said. Read more »

Vertonghen: "I don't want to become a caricature"


Will he continue or stop? Just before the international break, Jan Vertonghen sat down with Jesper Fredberg to talk about his future. In Het Laatste Nieuws today, he tells the same thing he said to his boss. "The main question for me is: can I give Anderlecht the player I want to be myself and that Anderlecht deserves?" Read more »



Fredberg: "Jan knows our door is open"


Will Jan Vertonghen sign on or hang up his shoes? While the ball is not in the church, this will undoubtedly be one of the most discussed topics around Anderlecht in the coming weeks. "Jan is still fresh and hungry," Anderlecht CEO Jesper Fredberg sounds optimistic. Read more »

Dreyer: "Top 5 competition is the goal"


Anders Dreyer is having a top season. So a transfer next summer is not unrealistic. Currently he is staying with the Danish national team and there he spoke to the press yesterday. "Whether a top five competition is a goal to get more playing minutes with the national team? 100 percent yes." Read more »

Fredberg: "I believe in the title"


In a week and a half, the Champions' Playoffs will start with Anderlecht as the big hunter of leader Union. During the presentation of the calendar, Jesper Fredberg told us that he is aiming for the very highest. "Our main goal is European soccer, but we are hungry and want to achieve everything we can," he said. Read more »


"My responsibility: tactics didn't work"

After the defeat against Kortrijk, coach Brian Riemer took the blame. He adjusted his eleven and it did not work out as hoped. "I don't want to point fingers at the players," the coach said. "I made the choice, so I'm at fault." Read more »


Stationary phases are Anderlecht's new weapon

Stationary phases are Anderlecht's new weapon

Anderlecht took an early lead against RWDM after a rehearsed number after a corner kick. That is no coincidence. With Yannick Euvrard, purple-white has had a coach since this season who works specifically on stationary phases. Read more »


Riemer: "Three points next week very important"


Anderlecht recorded its sixth victory in a row against RWDM on Saturday. Purple and white seem ready for the playoffs and Brian Riemer is aiming high. "We have to win the last game," he refers to next weekend's game. "Those three points are very important. I want to narrow the gap with Union and get ahead of the rest." Read more »



Schmeichel: "So many leaders that we never panic"


In this week's third episode of RSCA Podcast, Kasper Schmeichel speaks. Among other things, he talks about the experience the team has. And he's not just talking about the ancients, but also young guys like Debast, Leoni and Stroeykens. "They don't shy away from taking responsibility," he said. Read more »



Zetterberg: 'Scar is not yet healed'

Zetterberg: 'Scar is not yet healed'

Pär Zetterberg kicked off Charleroi - Anderlecht on Sunday, but we won't have to expect the Swede at Lotto Park anytime soon. "The club has already asked several times, but it's not the right time yet. The scar hasn't healed yet," he refers to his dismissal in 2020. Read more »

Hazard: "Scored from only two chances"


With two assists, Thorgan Hazard put Anderlecht on the right track against Charleroi on Sunday. However, the striker realized that purple and white did not play their best game. "I don't know how we were able to get to 0-2. We scored from our only two dangerous actions." Read more »