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Emmen: "Trust that we have achieved a good transfer with Adzic"


Luka Adzic has been training since yesterday with FC Emmen, his new rental club. He will not play immediately, his work permit will be in order in two or three weeks. But that didn't stop Emmen from renting him. "We weighed up the qualities he possesses and they are unmistakable there," says Ronald Lubbers, Chairman of the Board. Read more »


Colassin: "Happy, but frustrated"


Antoine Colassin did not speak to the press after his debut, but the young striker was allowed to say a word on "I'm happy about my own game, but also frustrated. We really deserved better. This is a bitter defeat." Read more »


"Sheffield plans offer for Cobbaut"

The English newspaper The Sun reports that Sheffield United is planning to make an offer for Elias Cobbaut. According to the tabloid, Sheffield manager Chris Wilder would like to offer £ 7 million for Cobbaut. Converted that is 8.19 million euros. Read more »



Murillo: "I feel immediately at home"


RSC Anderlecht left to Spain with one new player, Amir Murillo. Which was brought in a few weeks before the winter break. Murillo is only allowed to play from now on but has been training for several weeks with the Purple & White in Neerpede. The Panamanian already feels at home at Anderlecht.
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Anderlecht: "Bakkali and Nasri completely recovered"


Yesterday was the first real training day of Anderlecht in Spain. Peter Zulj and Kemar Roofe trained individually. 27 players were on the practice field. Also Samir Nasri and Zakaria Bakkali. "Both have recovered completely after a long injury", Anderlecht reports. Read more »

Gaziantep coach: "Chipciu is too expensive"

Gaziantep coach:

Gaziantep coach Marius Şumudică confirms in the Romanian media that his team is talking with Alexandru Chipciu about a transfer. "I would like to talk to Chipciu myself, but we cannot pay the requested transfer price of 400,000 euros," he says. Read more »


"Cobbaut is a concrete January target of Atalanta"

If Anderlecht want to gain millions on the transfer market, Elias Cobbaut could take care of this. According to Tuttomercatoweb, the defender is a concrete transfer target of Atalanta this winter. Cobbaut is quite what coach Piero Gasperini wants. Read more »


Vercauteren: "We have to be satisfied"


Coach Frank Vercauteren was satisfied with the draw in Antwerp, although he was also disappointed because the three points were not achieved. Vercauteren, however, was realistic enough to realize that a draw was the highest attainable. Read more »


Vercauteren: "We will never adapt ourselves"


Frank Vercauteren is not going to bring much change to the team, not even for the match against the physical Antwerp. There may be some shifts and perhaps more attention for certain players, but the coach wants to continue to follow the same line. Read more »

"Zulj has turned the switch"

Peter Zulj has shown against Genk on Sunday that he has something to offer. Why did it take so long before it came out? There were two points that the Austrian had to work on. After a conversation with the sporting staff, he also included those points on his worklist. Read more »


Kompany: "The bar is set very high internally"


Three points against Genk, with good football. The process that Vincent Kompany fully supports was shown in the Lotto Park. But we are not there yet, Kompany emphasizes, we must continue to follow this line and with such a young team that is not always easy. "But today I am proud of them". Read more »


"Vlap deserves it, he went through a difficult period"

Nacer Chadli was close to scoring twice, but it was Michel Vlap who scored twice. And Chadli is happy about that, especially because Vlap has had a difficult period. The Red Devil is particularly pleased with the three points and the beautiful evening that fans experienced. Read more »


Zulj: "The team gives me confidence"


Peter Zulj was given a place in the starting eleven and thanked with a great game. He finally showed what RSC Anderlecht saw in him at the time. The Austrian was also more than satisfied afterwards and realizes that he must keep playing like that. Read more »


"Purple-White youngsters deserve more respect"

These days it is hip to do 'Anderlecht-bashing'. It is a word that can justifiably become a word of the year 2019. Journalists without backbone are a strong participant in this popular trend. A dangerous game, burning bridges that you will have to cross in the not too distant future. With negativism you score more points than with positive things. Among all those populist journalists, there are still some who do positive reporting. Read more »


"Chadli was not ready"

Nacer Chadli was part of the selection on Saturday to make the move to Liège. He eventually did not play and did not take place on the bench. The question is whether he is ready for Thursday's cup game. And what about Vincent Kompany?
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Chadli and Kompany unsure

Chadli and Kompany unsure

Vincent Kompany and Nacer Chadli have both resumed group training, although that does not mean that they will be on the match sheet this Sunday. With the tough matches ahead, Anderlecht don't want to take any risks with the Red Devils. Read more »

No commentary on open letter

No commentary on open letter

At the start of the press conference of Frank Vercauteren yesterday, he received a lot of questions about the open letter that Anderlecht posted this Friday. He immediately made clear that he wouldn't answer any question about that subject. Read more »




Doku: "Always keep working hard"


This time he did not succeed in scoring, but what was Jérémy Doku good again. The Charleroi backs had their hands full. A few weeks ago, Doku even fell besides the selection, a logical choice according to Doku himself who has continued to work hard.
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Doku: "It's incredible"


Jérémy Doku, no one who doubts his talent, only he did not show that in recent weeks. Until yesterday. Doku swirled on his wing. He also crowned his match with a goal. "Fantastic", he said after the game. Read more »


"Congratulate the team on their performance"

A satisfied coach after the game that involved the supporters in the victory with his words. The working point now is to extend that first half to the second half and hold the result for an entire match. But today he wants to congratulate his boys. Read more »


Van Crombrugge: "Strongly fought victory"

Van Crombrugge:

The players were very relieved after the final whistle of referee Lawrence Visser. Hendrik Van Crombrugge is also convinced of a deserved victory they fought for. The last fifteen minutes were still exciting, but Anderlecht showed strong mental strength. Read more »


"Two or three reinforcements"

RSC Anderlecht will strengthen themselves during the winter mercato. Michael Verschueren does not want to explain which profiles the transfer committee has on its wish list. But there will certainly be reinforcements. And for that there would also be the necessary money, according to the sports director. Read more »

"No penalty because Roofe hit Vandendriessche"

After Kemar Roofe kicked his penalty kick on Ostend goalkeeper William Dutoit, referee Nicolas Laforge gave another penalty. At the request of the VAR, he went to view the images and canceled the eleven meter. Correct, says the Professional Refereeing Department now. Read more »