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Martinez: "Verschaeren is a very, very talented player"


At the beginning of September Yari Verschaeren received his first selection with the Red Devils. He was also allowed to immediately play against Scotland. And there was a lot to do because he kept Hans Vanaken on the bench. National coach Roberto Martinez explains his choice. Read more »

Martinez: "To evaluate Kompany's situation in March"


Just like in September, Vincent Kompany can't go to the Red Devils due to an injury. A regrettable matter according to national coach Roberto Martinez. And what does the future look like for the national team for Kompany? The situation of Kompany will be evaluated in March. Read more »


Santini: "Anderlecht had to sell me, it needed money"


Ivan Santini went to Jiangsu Suning in China in the summer. He is still following RSC Anderlecht and also believes in Vincent Kompany's project: "I am not angry, they had to sell me because the club needed money." Although the club mainly needs stability according to the Croat. Read more »

Vercauteren: "I want to thank the fans"


Frank Vercauteren immediately put the finishing touches on the trainers issue: he is the head coach and takes the final decisions. But he also made a few things clear to the press. He also wanted to thank the supporters for their positive reactions in recent days. Read more »

"Show confidence in guys who are there"

The summer mercato is just behind us, but the winter mercato is already coming. He did not yet want to say whether Frank Vercauteren has certain wishes for that mercato. He first wants to take the time to teach the boys who are there and to give them confidence.
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"Only want to lose from better teams, much better ones"

Frank Vercauteren immediately made one thing clear, he is the coach and takes the final decision. He has faith in the process and wants to go along with it, but he mainly wants to take points. If you have to do that with a little less beautiful football, then you should. Read more »

"I would focus on other things"

In recent days there has been a lot to do about Oud-Heverlee Leuven's reaction to the departure of Frank Vercauteren. Some pointed back and forth with the finger. Vercauteren himself does not understand the commotion well: "In my contract there was a boarding clause, so a departure was always possible". Read more »

Anderlecht: "Kompany is an inspirator and supervisor"


Anderlecht defended themselves this afternoon in front of the license committee in the Vincent Kompany case. It argued that Simon Davies is / was the trainer. "Kompany is a coach in the sense of inspirator and supervisor," it sounded. The ruling will follow next Tuesday. Read more »

"Shoulder is part of the arm"

The Professional Refereeing Department (PRD) has explained the rejected goal of Nacer Chadli on Friday in Charleroi. According to the PRD, the VAR did not have to intervene because the referee clearly did not make a mistake. But, and especially that is striking, the PRD does say that the goal was rightly rejected for hand play. Read more »


Michel Verschueren: "Michael lived for our club"

Michel Verschueren:

Michaël Ruysseveldt died last Friday at the age of 68 in the OLV in Aalst. Ruysseveldt was employed by bus company Rantour and for 15 years he was the regular bus driver of RSC Anderlecht. "Michaël was a true professional who was available day and night," said former Anderlecht-manager Michel Verschueren. Read more »


"Happy I finally scored"

Yari Verschaeren has been called up again for the Red Devils. An extra incentive to start the game on Friday. And that worked, because Verschaeren scored the opening goal, something the Red Devil is very happy with. Read more »

"It doesn't look good"

Samir Nasri had to leave the field after an injury. And it doesn't look good. A while later we saw Nasri walking with crutches. A long unavailability threatens. That was also admitted by ad interim coach Jonas De Roeck: "It doesn't look good." Read more »

Verschueren: "Kompany has never set up the team"


Sports director Michael Verschueren does not hide himself when things are difficult. Even now he takes the time to talk about the current state of affairs. Frank Vercauteren has been brought in to bring more experience to the staff. Nothing changes for Vincent Kompany. Read more »



Nasri: "Supporters have been very patient"


Samir Nasri played an entire game again. The second half in particular, he occasionally showed flashes of his class. But that too was not enough to grab the three points at home. The Frenchman can understand the frustration of the supporters. Read more »

Sandler: "We have to keep working hard"


Philippe Sandler understands the dissatisfaction of the supporters. The players themselves are also disappointed that they could not win again. The first half in particular had to be much better. But Sandler continues to believe in the project and the team. Read more »


Thelin: "I don't make the choices"


Isaac Kiese Thelin got another chance yesterday and also scored the winning goal. The Swede himself guessed why he is so little in the selection. Although he may have to knock on the table more often, he admits himself: "I may be a good player for a trainer." Read more »

Sambi Lokonga: "This can give us confidence"

Sambi Lokonga:

Albert Sambi Lokonga is happy with the victory but is also looking forward to Sunday. So there is not much time to celebrate. Although Lokonga hopes that this victory will give confidence to the team: "This victory is very important, hopefully we can continue on this momentum." Read more »

Verschueren: "This feels good"


Marc Coucke and Michael Verschueren were relieved after the victory at the Kiel. Verschueren now mainly hopes that the victory gives the team the necessary confidence. Waasland-Beveren waits in the Lotto Park on Sunday. Read more »

Kompany: "We continue playing our football"


After the match against Beerschot, Vincent Kompany appeared in front of the Sporza microphone. He indicated that his injury might be better than expected and again preached positivism. "I didn't want to play like in Bruges. That wasn't the football we are facing." Read more »

Vlap: "Counter goal estimation error of myself"


 Before he plunged into the dressing room at halftime, Michel Vlap spoke briefly in front of the Sporza microphone. He takes the blame for the counter goal. "It was a silly goal and it was a mistake of judgment. I should have done better." Read more »


Kompany: "This is our final"


Simon Davies admitted at the press conference yesterday, points need to be taken urgently. That is also the opinion of Vincent Kompany, who spoke to the dressing room yesterday: "This is our final, just like next Sunday against Waasland-Beveren." Read more »

"Respect for Beerschot is there"

Tonight, the cup campaign for RSC Anderlecht against Beerschot Wilrijk starts. The goal is surely to make it to the next round because the Purple & White wants to get as far as possible in the Cup. They therefore also trained on penalties in recent days. Read more »

"We stay behind our philosophy"

The pressure is big at RSC Anderlecht, no one will deny that. Yet everyone continues to believe in the project and they knew from the beginning that their philosophy was going to need time, but they have underestimated that time a bit, Simon Davies admits. There is now an urgent need for points. Read more »