Anderlecht escapes punishment (for now?)

WEDNESDAY, 3 APRIL 2024, 19:38 - lajoya
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OTHER The match that Anderlecht would have to play behind closed doors as a result of the riots during the cup match at home against Standard, will in any case no longer be for this season. Anderlecht appealed, and that appeal will not be heard until May 21, two days after Purple White's last home match against Club Brugge.

Of course, the Disciplinary Council can still punish Anderlecht with a home match without a public and a fine, but then it will be for the 2024-2025 season. Anderlecht appealed in part because of a big financial loss if revenue from a home game in the Champions playoffs is eliminated.

Standard did agree and will play its next home game without a crowd. Standard has little to gain in the Europe playoffs where it is well behind Gent and Mechelen.

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