Yellow Hazard one card away from suspension

FRIDAY, 12 APRIL 2024, 08:28 - lajoya
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OTHER Thorgan Hazard has suddenly become a card taker. In the last five games he started, he ran into a yellow cardboard each time. So too in the first two games of the playoffs. One more yellow card and he is suspended for one game.

In October, Hazard picked up a yellow card at Standard. For a long time, it was his only one of the season. Until suddenly, on match days 27, 28 and 29, he also received yellow. As a precaution, Brian Riemer had him start on the bench on the final day of play against Kortrijk. Because if he picked up yellow, he would be suspended in the first game of the playoffs. Hazard dropped in after 61 minutes and played out the match without a card.

At the start of the playoffs, all counters went back to zero. But: in the playoffs, a suspension already follows after three yellow cards. On both the first match day against Antwerp and the second against Club Brugge, Hazard was shown a yellow card.

High time to reverse that trend.

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