Anderlecht eliminated in Champions League

WEDNESDAY, 29 AUGUST 2007, 22:54 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht has been eliminated from the Champions League. In the 2nd leg game, the Mauves couldn't wipe out the 1-0 defeat from the first match. Anderlecht even lost: 2-0. The first goal already fell after 3 minutes.

The game started bad for Anderlecht. After just a few minutes, Kezman already opened the score on a corner kick, making Anderlecht's task almost impossible.

Though the Mauves immediatly tried to react, but Boussoufa's and Van Damme's attempts both ended on the crossbar. Fenerbahçe limited themselves to defending the lead and counter attacking.

In the second half, the Mauves couldn't threaten Volkan much and the Turks even doubled their lead after a mistake of Pareja.

Score: 0-2
Goal(s): 03' Mateja Kezman 0-1, 73' Alex 0-2

Anderlecht: Zitka, Wasilewski (76' Legear), Pareja, Juhasz, Deschacht, Van Damme (76' Goor), Polak, Biglia, Hassan, Boussoufa (57' Théréau), Tchité
Fenerbahce: Volkan, Turaci, Lugano, Edu, R.Carlos, Tümer (67' Kazim), Deniz, Deivid (83' Vederson), Aurelio, Alex (75' Sahin), Kezman

Yellow: 31' Baris Deniz, 42' Lucas Biglia, 60' Deivid de Souza, 85' Onder Turaci
Red: /

Referee: Busacca (Zwi)
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock

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