Match report RSCA vs. STVV

SUNDAY, 25 NOVEMBER 2001, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht was able to win again, but not with nice football. The Mauves started the game fiercefully and immediately attacked. After 1 minute Van Hout almost scored after a corner kick, but his ball was cleared from the line.

4 minutes later, there was an action of Seol. His pass reached nobody, but Hendrikx collected the ball and centered. Seol couldn't reach the ball good enough.
Sint-Truiden couldn't only do something on counter-attack through Boffin, Buvens and Perreira.
Anderlecht created not much chances after the first 15 minutes. 5 Minutes before the rest, Seol got a new chance, but he couldn't score on a center of De Bilde.
STVV had 2 times the opportunity to score, but their first attack through Boffin was stopped by the linesman for off-side. The second one went lost when Vangeel gave a bad pass to Buvens, who was left free. That way, the score at half time was 0-0.

After the break the score quickly changed into 0-1, when a shot from Vanderhaeghe bounced back from the crossbar, but Seol was able to score the 0-1 in the rebound.
Sint-Truiden tried to react, but an excellent De Wilde kept the Mauves standing on attempts from Boffin and Perreira. Crasson also intercepted a pass from Boffin before an opponent before he could do any danger. A few minutes later Boffin (again) had again a good chanche, but his free kick missed the post for centimeters.
After 65 minutes, Seol finished off Sint-Truiden, when he stole the ball from goalkeeper Belic. The Korean could easilly score the 0-2 that way.
STVV still believed in its chances, but De Wilde saved attemps of Mitrovic and Verjans. Shortly before the end of the game, Kalisa had a good chance to score the 1-2, but he missed. That way the game ended on 0-2... a relieve for trainer Aimé Anthuenis.

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