Anderlecht defeated again

FRIDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2002, 00:01 - Newssystem
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STVV defeated Anderlecht with a heavy 3-1 score. At half time, the score was 0-1, but STVV was the better team. The bad weather played an important role in the game.

A corner kick of Boffin almost disappeared in the goal and Zitka had difficulties to kick the ball out of his own box.
Mbonabucya had the best chance for STVV. His shot hit the post when he stole the ball from De Boeck. Anderlecht couldn't create much chances, but scored. Aruna could center and Tihinen scored a beautiful goal.

In the 56th minute, STVV took control of the game, after a goal of Vranken. He scored with a header on a center of Boffin.
Zitka had to save Anderlecht a few times, but this was just a delay of execution. Mbonabucya broke through the defense and scored the 2-1. The Mauves reacted, but the referee didn't give a penalty when Aruna was tackled from behind in the box.
There were several good chances for both sides. A few minutes before time, Vangeel scored for STVV: 3-1.

Goals: 45' Tihinen 0-1, 56' Vrancken 1-1, 75' Mbonabucya 2-1, 84' Vangeel 3-1
Sint-Truiden: Belic, Voets, Hayen, Kalisa, Caers, Vrancken (75' Verjans), Delorge, Boffin (90' Mitrovic), Pereira, Mbonabucya, Vangeel (90' Buvens)
Anderlecht: Zitka, Crasson, Tihinen, De Boeck, Ilic, Vanderhaeghe, Lovré (83' MacDonald) , Baseggio, Aruna, Jestrovic, Seol
Referee: Ver Eecke
Kick-off: 8:10pm

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