Anderlecht wins after penalty kick

SUNDAY, 14 MARCH 2004, 12:34 - Bacardiboy
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Anderlecht has won against Charleroi, but it was difficult. At the end of the game, they could avoid the 0-2 figures. The goals were made by Iachtchouk (twice) and Jestrovic in the last minute of the regular playing time.

The first half was for Charleroi. They didn't play defensive, and that style was the best. Defays scored after a corner kick, and Olufade could make 0-2 after a missunserstanding between Tihinen and Peersman. Anderlecht had 2 chances then, but it half-time the surprising 0-2 figures were a fact.
Anderlecht was better in the second half, and they could pressure. In ten minutes time, Iachtchouk could score twice and the score was equal. The winning goal was by Nenad Jestrovic with a penalty kick.

Result: 3-2
Goals: 12' Frank Defays 0-1, 29' Adekanmi Olufade 0-2, 63' Oleg Iachtchouk 1-2, 69' Oleg Iachtchouk 2-2, 89' Nenad Jestrovic 3-2(PEN)

Anderlecht: Besnik Hasi (65' Walter Baseggio) , Oleg Iachtchouk, Goran Lovre (62' Christian Wilhelmsson), Par Zetterberg, Vincent Kompany, Hannu Tihinen, Anthony Vanden Borre, Michal Zewlakow (85' Martin Kolar), Tristan Peersman, Aruna Dindane, Nenad Jestrovic

Charleroi: Victor Ikpeba (73' Giovanni Cacciatore), Adekanmi Olufade, Abdelmajid Oulmers (78' Loris Reina), Sébastien Chabaud, Gregory Dufer, Michael Ciani, Ibrahim Kargbo, Bertrand Lacquait, Frank Defays, Mahamadou Kere, Thibaut Detal

Yellow: 20' Michael Ciani, 36' Ibrahim Kargbo, 63' Thibaut Detal

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