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MONDAY, 6 MAY 2024, 15:22 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht had to cede the lead to Club Brugge after a 0-0 at Union. However, it played its best away game of the play-offs and had plenty of chances to score. The first half-hour and the first quarter-hour after half-time were good. Union could mainly threaten from distance through Amoura. Bad luck is haunting Anderlecht in these play-offs, as Vertonghen had to leave the game after half an hour with an injury. Anderlecht must now chase, but remains in control of everything. For the optimists, Anderlecht is sure of at least place three. 

Within four minutes, Anderlecht could already have scored twice. The first danger came through Delaney who headed too centrally from a very good position. Then Ashimeru was played free, but he could not take a shot and the cross was cleared. But Union also asserted themselves in the early stages. Debast unknowingly headed a far ball into the feet of Amoura, but Schmeichel saved the Algerian's effort.

After the quarter-hour mark, both clubs dropped the tempo a bit. Union had no problem with Purple White having more of the ball and Purple White was rightly wary of Union's counters. After 20 minutes, Moris kept Union afloat. He first saved an effort by Dolberg and then he was quickly right to keep Dreyer's rebound cleverly out of goal.

However, bad luck continues to haunt Anderlecht during the play-offs. Vertonghen had to retire after half an hour with groin problems. Anderlecht got off to a good start when Union's 1-0 was disallowed for offside. Purple and White had to return to the better play of the first half hour. Union were better in the closing stages and Schmeichel had to watch out for a Mac Allister overhead kick.

Just after half-time another good Anderlecht attack. Ashimeru laid back to Dolberg, but the shot was blocked. Another great chance followed in minute 48. Delaney reached the free Stroeykens at the far post, but he cracked his effort. Next chance in minute 53 for Delaney, but the Daney crossed instead of deciding on goal, although it was certainly not obvious to score. On the hour, Union were dangerous once more, but Gattoni was able to sufficiently hold off Nilsson. Then Amoura tried for the third time from distance.

Fresh forces for Anderlecht in minute 67 with the returning Verschaeren and Amuzu for a good Ashimeru (was there also an injury here?) and Stroeykens. Meanwhile, the physical battle became more and more important in the match. Union seemed to get stronger again towards the end, just like before half-time. Machida was able to head in on corner, but he could not put much power into it. Nilsson had the best chance when he was well played free, but Schmeichel cleared well wide. In the closing stages, despite the presence of the substitutes, Anderlecht had the fat from the soup.

Anderlecht cannot make a stab now and face two home games.

Score: 0-0

Union:Moris, Mac Allister, Burgess (Sykes 68‘), Machida, Castro-Montes, Vanhoutte (Sadiki 87'), Amani (Rasmussen 75‘), Teklab (Lapoussin 68'), Puertas, Nilsson (Rodriguez 87'), Amoura
Anderlecht:Schmeichel, Sardella, Debast, Vertonghen (Gattoni 31‘), Augustinsson, Rits, Delaney, Ashimeru (Verschaeren 67'), Stroeykens (Amuzu 67‘), Dreyer, Dolberg (Vazquez 84')

Yellow: Vanhoutte 10‘, Blessin 30', Sardella 32‘, Mac Allister 56', Riemer 60‘, Amani 75'

Referee: Bram Van Driessche
Stadium: Dudenpark

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