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English class - Webmaster
How do you call something that happened a week ago? Past time.
How do you call something that happened today? Present time.
How do you call something that will happen next week? Future time.
How do you call a game of Club Brugge? WASTED TIME!

No comment 2 - Zotje
What's the largest brothel in Belgium?
The stadium of Brugge: 5.000 people (they don't have more fans) are fucked there every week by 11 dicks.

The magic lamp - Webmaster
An Anderlecht fan bought a magic lamp in an antique store. He rubs the lamp and a genie appears.
The genie says: "You can make 3 wishes, but for everything you wish, the Brugge fans will recieve the double."
The Anderlecht fan says: "I want a Porsche."
"Okay", says the genie and a Porsche arrives. "But," says the genie "all Brugge-fans now have 2 Porsches."
The Anderlecht fan says: "I want 100 million."
"Okay, it's on your bank account", says the genie. "But," says the genie "all Brugge-fans now 200 million on their bank accounts."
"Yes, that's kind of a problem!" says the Anderlecht supporter.
"You have one wish left" says the genie.
The Anderlecht fan says: "I always wanted to donate a kidney!"

Concrete - Limp
Why do Club Brugge have a concrete-plate under their pitch?
That why, they can't sinck lower in the ranking.

Smart? - Dragon
Philippe Clement wanted to be the smart guy and said that Brugge would become the new Belgian champion.
But hey, if you have no brain, you can't help it!

Take cover! - Zwork
What do you do when a Brugge-supporter throws a granade to you?
Pull out the pin and throw back!

Brains - Zwork
Why can't a Brugian have a concussion?
- You can't hurt what you don't have!

Shocking! - Zwork
Why can't a Brugge-supporter blow up a bus?
He burns his mouth on the exhaust-pipe!

No comment 3 - Zwork
How do you call Brugge players that are standing in a line?
A pipe-line!

No comment 4 - Zwork
What's the difference between a Brugge-supporter and a dildo?
A Brugge-fan is a real dick!

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