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Stupid people - Zwork
It's 18 meters long and full of Mongols?
The players bus of Club Brugge!

Brandon - Zwork
Brandon Mechele is angry and says to the Brugge manager: "My salary is not in proportion with my prestations!"
The manager answers: "Yes, that's right, but I can't let you and your family starve to dead"

No comment 5 - Zwork
Why didn't Antwerp play between 1940 and 1945?
They were on camp!

Wasted - Zwork
I have good and bad news!
Bad news: I have Brugian blood.
Good news: on the bumper of my car!

Again Brandon - Zwork
What's the difference between Brandon Mechele and a picture?
A picture can be developed!

Wazzaaaa! - Zwork
A man walks over the street and hears a man yell from his car. He turns around and recognises a friend. His car is all covered with mud, grass and blood.
He asks: "What have you done?"
"I had an accident and I ran over Philippe Clement!"
"But where does the grass and mud come from?"
"Oh, he tried to escape through the park!"

East side, yeah right! - Zwork
A Brugge hooligan, Santa Clause and an Anderlecht fan are walking down the street and they see a bank note of 500 euro. Who will pick it up?
The Anderlecht supporter, because those other two don't exist!

Busted! - Zwork
You are locked in a room with a homo, a killer and a Brugge-supporter.
You have a gun with 2 bullets. What are you going to do?
Shoot 2 times at the Brugian of course!

When will I be famous? - Zwork
Why is it that there isn't a roof on the Brugge stadium?
Else the fans won't be able to see the real stars.

Life is life... - Zwork
Brugge manager Verhaeghe and his business partner are playing a game of golf, when suddenly a funeral car passes by.
Verhaeghe takes off his hat and holds it against his heart.
His business partner says: "Wow! That's really decent of you!"
"Ah well", Verhaeghe says, "That's the least I could do after being married to her for 30 years."

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