Cercle-Anderlecht 1-3

SUNDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2009, 23:23 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht defeated Cercle this evening with 1-3. It was a weak game, but Anderlecht's victory was deserved after all. Legear, Boussoufa and Frutos scored the three goals.

In the first few minutes of the game, Anderlecht took a furious start and created a good chance. But from then on, the pace dropped. There was no speed in the game, nor were there good combinations. Anderlecht managed to create a few more small chances, but then Cercle restored the balance. At that point, Legear scored after a good action.
A few minutes later, referee Colemont made a huge mistake. Boussoufa broke through the Cercle defence and had the opportunity to create a chance, but then slipped. Though the referee placed the ball on the penalty spot. Boussoufa scored it in two times.

In the second half, Anderlecht started with another good effort on goal, but then Cercle took over. The home side was unable to create chances though. Eventually, they scored just ten minutes before the end when a free kick had to be retaken. The shot deviated on Sare and went in: 1-2. Cercle tried to equalise, but it was Frutos, recovered from his injury, who decided the game on a counter attack.

Score: 1-3
Goal(s): 39' Legear 0-1, 43' Boussoufa 0-2 (pen), 79' Iachtchouk 1-2, 92' Frutos 1-3

Cercle Brugge: Verbist, Boi (78' Cornelis), Viane, Kelhar, Evens, Serebrennikov, Gjuzelov (78' Bozovic), Vidarsson, Nyoni, Iachtchouk, Foley (65' Van Eenoo)
Anderlecht: Proto, Gillet, Mazuch, Juhasz, Deschacht, Saré, Biglia (86' Kouyaté), Legear (79' Suarez), Van Damme, Boussoufa, De Sutter (62' Frutos)

Yellow: Gjuzelov, Frutos, Viane, Biglia
Red: /

Referee: Colemonts
Stadium: Jan Breydel

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