Trebel leads Anderlecht to 12 out of 12

SATURDAY, 18 AUGUST 2018, 15:06 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht also won its fourth game of the season. Captain Trebel led Anderlecht to a 2-0 win with two free kicks. Before the break, he scored himself, after the break he offered Dimata a goal. Only downside was the deserved red card for Vranjes.

From the kickoff Anderlecht took control, but we had to wait until halfway through the first half for chances. They then succeeded one another at a rapid pace. First Werner had to save an effort from Dimata and Vranjes. Afterwards, Trebel tried from 50 meters, but his ball landed over Werner on the crossbar. The biggest chance was for Dimata, but he shot over the goal.

Ten minutes before the break, Lambrechts blew a penalty after a foul on Dimata. The VAR corrected to a free kick: the fault happened outside the penalty area. No problem, Trebel said. He kicked the ball into the far corner in goal. Shortly before the break, Bornauw was too surprised to score the 2-0.

After the break it took a while before Anderlecht picked up the thread again. Mouscron got a few chances and the 1-1 was actually not very far. But its was Anderlecht who scored. Trebel threw a free kick for goal. Milic touched the ball and Dimata kicked him against the ropes. His fifth goal of the season.

Amuzu had a nice chance to deepen the score, but a shot in the short corner was saved by Werner. Ten minutes before time the light went off at Vranjes. The Bosnian tackled with two feet forward and rightly got red. Substitute Kuzmanovic was still close to a goal, but Didillon kept his nets clean for the first time this season.

Score: 2-0
Goal(s): 37 'Trebel (1-0), 63' Dimata (2-0)

Anderlecht: Didillon, Vranjes, Bornauw, Milic, Saelemaekers, Makarenko, Trebel, Amuzu (83 'Appiah), Musona (77'Morioka), Santini (89' Gerkens), Dimata
Excel Mouscron:Werner, Vojvoda, Galitsios, Godeau, Katranis (84 'Kuzmanovic), Amallah (89' Lukovic), Van Durmen, Napoleone, Olinga, Pierrot, Sambu (76 'Mbombo)

Yellow: 20 'Napoleone, 34' Amallah, 68 'Pierrot, 73' Makarenko
Red: 80 'Vranjes

Referee: Erik Lambrechts
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock stadium

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