Narrow win for Bruges against Anderlecht

SUNDAY, 26 AUGUST 2018, 14:08 - WauteRSCA
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GAMES Anderlecht lost their first points of the season on Sunday against Bruges. The home team won 2-1 and take over the lead in the ranking. Anderlecht are now following, one point behind.

Bruges started well with a lot of pressure and a few corner kicks in the opening minutes. Out of one of those corner kicks, Dennis scored the opening goal with a header: 1-0. Bruges kept the pressure on Anderlecht, but goalkeeper Didillon prevented worse. After 15 minutes, Anderlecht took over the command of the match, but they couldn't create a lot of chances. The equaliser fell on a quick counter attack. A centre from the left wing was pushed against the net by Musona. Anderlecht had the match under control, but ten minutes before the break, Bruges revived and started on offensive. This resulted in a new goal after a good combination between Vanaken and Vormer: 2-1 at half time.

The second half was played at a lower pace. Santini had an excellent opportunity to equalise with a header but missed the target. Besides that, Bruges had the match firmly under control and created the most danger. All their chances were missed though and Anderlecht had just one more opportunity to score: Amuzu was brought down on the edge of the box: penalty according to referee Vertenten, but the video assistant referee corrected the decision to a free kick. Though on the TV images it remains unclear whether the foul was inside or outside the box. The free kick led the nothing and the match ended in a narrow defeat.

Phase by phase:
95' End of the game.
91' Corner kick for Anderlecht.
91' Replacement: Openda in, Rezaei out.
89' The ball passes the line in favour of the Belgian record champions: corner kick.
82' Replacement: Najar in, Amuzu out.
82' Replacement: Najar in, Amuzu out.
79' Replacement: Bakkali in, Amuzu out.
73' Replacement: Amrabat in, Wesley out.
69' Poulain has a chance with the head, but the upright is in the way!
65' Corner kick for Bruges.
64' Replacement: Gerkens in, Musona out.
64' Replacement: Cools in, Danjuma out.
61' Chance for Amuzu with a shot! The ball goes over the target.
45' Start of the second half.

45' Half-time.

43' GOAL! Vanaken scores! Vormer gave the last pass.
31' Saelemaekers sees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball goes over the target.
20' GOAL! Musona scores! Dimata gave the last pass.
15' Wesley sees a chance for glory and shoots! The ball goes out on the wrong side of the post. Wesley was the leading player in the action with a long ball.
12' Chance for Wesley with a shot!
3' GOAL! Dennis scores with a header! The goal was preceded by a corner kick taken by Vanaken.
2' Corner kick for Bruges.
0' Kick-off of the match!

Line-up Bruges: Letica, Poulain, Mitrovic, Denswil, Dennis, Vormer, Rits, Vanaken, Danjuma, Wesley, Rezaei
Line-up RSC Anderlecht: Didillon, Bornauw, Vranjes, Milic, Saelemaekers, Makarenko, Trebel, Amuzu, Musona, Santini, Dimata

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