One wrong pass throws everything away

FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER 2018, 17:47 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht have a painful played a 2-2 draw against Fenerbahçe yesterday night. Painful, because Anderlecht held the game firmly and walked to 2-0. A wrong pass by Pieter Gerkens led to the 2-1 and a few minutes later it was 2-2.

Anderlecht started the game with confidence and that resulted in a first chance for Gerkens after five minutes. He came across the goalkeeper. Bakkali showed himself a scourge for the Turkish defense, which needed a lot of mistakes to stop him. Just past the half-hour, Kums guided the dribbler through the Fenerbahçe defense and Bakkali kicked hard in the goal: 1-0.

The home team played a strong first half, but also had to thank Didillon when Frey was close to the equalizer. Kums kicked a free kick against the post. After the break, Anderlecht continued like that. The duo Kums-Bakkali took care of the 2-0 after five minutes. This time, Bakkali dribbled in nicely from the right to pop into the far corner with the left. Anderlecht looked on roses:

Unfortunately, the same thing happened as Sunday against Cercle: between minute 50 and 60, Anderlecht shortly got two avoidable goals. First the light went off at Gerkens. The Limburger got the ball around the center line and played back in one time to his goalkeeper. Or defenders. Who will say it? The ball, however, came out nicely in the course of Frey who did not give Didillon a chance: 2-1.

The doubt struck and a few minutes later Kaldirim was allowed to start a walk through the penalty area of ​​Anderlecht. Bornauw and Sanneh did not defend well enough and the 2-2 hung against the ropes.

Anderlecht were upset and all the good from before the break disappeared. Fenerbahçe no longer insisted, or could not do better, and so it remained 2-2. A missed opportunity for Anderlecht.

Score: 2-2
Goal(s): 35 'Bakkali (1-0), 49' Bakkali (2-0), 53 'Frey (2-1), 57' Kaldirim (2-2)

Anderlecht: Didillon, Bornauw, Sanneh, Lawrence, Saelemaekers (87 'Najar), Kums, Trebel, Saief, Gerkens (87' Dauda), Bakkali, Santini
Fenerbahçe: Tekin, Neustädter, Skrtel, Reyes, Jailson, Isla, Benzia (74 'Güçtekin), Elmas (86' Potuk), Kaldirim,, Slimani (74'Ayew), Frey

Yellow: 10 'Jailson, 27' Isla, 43 'Skrtel, 45 + 1' Kums, 45 + 1 'Slimani, 52' Benzia, 64 'Elmas, 66' Saelemaekers, 68 'Santini, 78' Bakkali, 90 + 2 ' Kaldirim
Red: /

Referee: Georgi Kabakov (Bul)
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock stadium

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