Bolasie makes Bruges series a little longer

MONDAY, 25 FEBRUARY 2019, 12:30 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht and Club Brugge played 2-2 draw yesterday.  Ten minutes before the end, Bolasie seemed to keep the three points at home, but a defensive mistake resulted in a goal for Bruges in the end.

Rutten finally chose for the team of the past matches. The game was barely started when Milic lost the ball to Schrijvers. Wesley scored, and Anderlecht was behind after just five minutes. Anderlecht did not find an answer to the Bruges attack rage and were pleased that Vormer and Dennis missed the opportunities. A frustrated Kara was pleased that he only got yellow for a battle with Wesley.

In the half hour then Anderlecht. And how. Bolasie with the dribble and the shot in the far corner. Lardot is thinking of offside for a moment, but that is not the case: 1-1. After this goal, the game image completely changed and Anderlecht became boss. Horvath needed a great save to keep Santini from the 2-1. So we went to rest with a tie.

After the rest, the game was more balanced. Great opportunities were delayed. On the hour Vormer tried to get a penalty kick after a shoulder slap from Kums, but Lardot was not caught. After a shot from Schrijvers, Verschaeren on the other side caused more danger. He appeared alone in front of Horvath, but the goalkeeper turned out to be boss. Not much later Rutten pulled the pale Zulj and Bakkali to the side.

The pame went on and Rutten pulled Milic, who saw stars against Diatta, to the side. A draw seemed to be in the making to a cross from a smart, subdued Amuzu, who sailed past Santini. Bolasie was at the second post and he scored his second of the evening. The Astridpark rose. Unfortunately only for a moment. Substitute Cobbaut was not yet awake and Vlietinck scored the 2-2 score. Bolasie, Kums and Vormer were still close to the winning goal, but that did not come anymore. The counter of Bruges matches without victory in the Astridpark now stands at 29.

Anderlecht remain in the top six with one point more than AA Gent after this draw. Four out of six in the Antwerp-Bruges diptych is not bad. The next three games are easier on paper and so Anderlecht have to be successful in qualifying for Play-Off 1.

Score: 2-2
Goal (s):5 'Wesley (0-1), 31' Bolasie (1-1), 81 'Bolasie 2-1), 83' Vlietinck (2-2)

Anderlecht: Didillon, Appiah, Kara, Lawrence, Milic (79 'Cobbaut), Kums, Zulj (64' Gerkens), Verschaeren, Bakkali (64 'Amuzu), Santini, Bolasie
Club Brugge: Horvath, Amrabat, Mechele, Denswil, Diatta, Zipper, Vormer, Vanaken, Dennis (82 'Vlietinck), Schrijvers (73' Vossen), Wesley

Yellow: 22 'Kara, 29' Mechele, 39 'Dennis, 89' Vormer
Red: /

Referee: Jonathan Lardot
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock Stadium

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