Anderlecht ends with a third victory in a row

MONDAY, 18 MARCH 2019, 10:31 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht have won their last game of the regular competition with 0-2 at Ostend. A logical and deserved win for the Purple & White, that ends the competition with three victories in a row. With two assists, Yari Verschaeren was the deciding man.

The first attempt between the posts was one from Ostend, but it was not more than some warming up for Didillon. On the other side, it was hotter when Milovic scored an owngoal from Bolasie's attempt. Anderlecht dominated, but attempts by Obradovic, after a masterly long ball from Kara, and Bolasie missed the goal.

Anderlecht also decided the direction of play after the break. Shots of Lawrence and Zulj missed the frame and that of Gerkens did not disturb Dutoit. Twenty minutes before time the Purple & White finally got what it deserved. Ostend gave Verschaeren all the time and space on the left. His cross found the head of Bolasie and the Congolese headed through the bar in goal: 0-1.

Ten minutes later, Bolasie scored again, but first he had committed a push error. Goal therefore rightly rejected. Vanlerberghe missed the equalizer in the final minutes. Santini then decided the game after a clever action by Verschaeren.

Score: 0-2
Goal(s): 70 'Bolasie, 90 + 5' Santini

KV Ostend: Dutoit, Nouri, Milovic, Lombaerts, Nastic, Vandendriessche, Vanlerberghe, D'Haese (64 'Canesin, Coopman, Sakala (84' Capon), De Sutter (57 'Guri)
Anderlecht: Didillon, Appiah, Kara, Lawrence, Obradovic, Kums, Zulj, Gerkens (69 'Amuzu), Verschaeren, Bolasie (93' Kayembe), Santini

Yellow: 83 'Lombaerts, 90 + 4' Didillon
Red: /

Referee: Nathan Verboomen
Stadium: Versluys Arena

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