Swinging Anderlecht do not reward themselves

SATURDAY, 10 AUGUST 2019, 12:28 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht still has the same problem: scoring is so difficult. Before the break and in the final-quarter purple-white spoiled the crowd with attractive and offensive football, but the ball did not hit the ropes. It remains disappointed with 2 in 9 after a second 0-0 in a row.

Just like in the first home match against KV Mechelen, Anderlecht started the game swinging. It hit the ball, footballing attacks were put up through wingers Amuzu and Doku, but the finish again proved to be the pain. Within the first five minutes, Doku first shot over and Sandler headed just wide. A little later Van Cleemput cleared just before Amuzu could kick and Thoelen saved on a nice place ball from Vlap.

After fifteen minutes, the target danger subsided. Anderlecht kept the ball and the combinations. KV Mechelen had invited a lot of offenses to prevent Purple & White from playing football. Referee Visser kept the cards in his pocket. Until in the extra time of the first half Thoelen hit Amuzu down. Logical red was his part. Vlap curled the free kick about half a meter over goal. 0-0 halfway: just like in the first home game, Anderlecht forgot to reward themselves.

After the break we saw a completely different Anderlecht. The home team retained possession of the ball, but the chances didn't come. At the hour, Kompany intervened: Adzic and Thelin replaced Gerkens and Doku. We only saw the first goal attempt in minute 66, but Zulj's shot was too central. A few minutes later Sardella kicked over.

As the second half progressed, Anderlecht got physically more difficult. Ten minutes before time there were suddenly three big chances. First Thelin (pulled on the shirt?) kicked across Bouzian. Immediately afterwards Dewaele with the cross, Thelin who made the pass and Zulj's volley was inches besides the goal. A minute later Vlap kicked another good chance over goal.

In the final minutes, Anderlecht looked for the goal, but failed to break through the red-yellow wall that the Mechelen players had put up in the sixteen. Substitute Verschaeren also got a chance in the extra time, but he found Bouzian on his way. The last chance was for Kompany himself, but his header in the last minute of the extra time went wide.

Score: 0-0
Goal(s): /

Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Sardella, Kompany, Sandler, Dewaele, Zulj, Vlap (81 'Verschaeren), Nasri, Doku (60' Adzic), Gerkens (60 'Thelin), Amuzu
KV Mechelen: Thoelen, Van Cleemput (38 'Vranckx), Peyre, Swinkels, Bijker, Kaya, Corryn, Schoofs, Storm, Vanzeir (45 + 4' Bouzian), Togui (57 'De Camargo)

Yellow: 77 'Storm
Red: 45 + 3 'Thoelen

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Lotto Park

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