Defour: "Anderlecht well analyzed"

MONDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2019, 16:37 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Steven Defour played again in the Lotto Park, this time not in a shirt of Anderlecht, but in the red outfit of Antwerp. He will not soon forget his debut match at The Great Old, he played 60 minutes - after 8 months without a match - in a top match against Anderlecht and then win it again.

"This match actually came too early, but the coach (Bölöni, ed.) absolutely wanted me to play," the midfielder said afterwards. He also said that Antwerp had analyzed the opponent well and that they knew that Anderlecht already had many difficult moments after the break and that the intention was to accelerate after the break and grab Anderlecht physically by the throat

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