Important victory for Anderlecht

SATURDAY, 5 OCTOBER 2019, 23:45 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht have won their second game of the season. It won with 1-2 in Charleroi after a solid match and a strong first half thanks to goals from Red Devils Verschaeren and Chadli.

Charleroi, with former players Morioka and Bruno in the starting eleven and former Anderlecht coach Belhocine on the bench, started fiercely, but Anderlecht took control of the match. At the second attack it was immediately prize. Verschaeren neatly cut out his opponent and hit the far corner. Chadli then had a great opportunity to double the lead, but Penneteau came out well. Nasri then dropped out injured, reducing Anderlecht's smooth play somewhat.

Charleroi hardly threatened, although Sardella had a hard time with Bruno. Luckassen just headed over and Verschaeren also shot. The Zebras came on 1-1 thanks to Fall, who scored the first chance for Charleroi low in the first corner. In the added time, Chadli scored again, but the VAR had apparently been absent from the anatomy lessons. Chadli hit the ball clearly with the shoulder, not the arm.

In the beginning of the second half both teams got some chances. The counters of Charleroi became sharper and a few times very dangerous. On the other side, Amuzu shot just wide and Roofe stole the ball from Penneteau. However, Vlap hesitated too long to complete the chance. The Dutchman then shot a free kick just within Penneteau's reach.

It was Chadli who again gave Anderlecht the lead with a hard, slanting shot that disappeared into a goal via a Charleroi player. Charleroi then pushed Anderlecht back. Bruno remained the most dangerous player of the Karolos. Amuzu, who played a good second half, regularly used his speed to create danger and Roofe aimed a free kick just wide. Charleroi put everything in the final phase, but Fall missed the last chance.

Based on the odds, this was a balanced match, although Anderlecht were deprived of a valid goal by the VAR. After a weak period, Purple & White records its second win of the season, allowing them to breathe more freely during the interland break. It was the first away victory since March.

Score: 1-2
Goal(s): 0-1 Verschaeren (11 '), 1-1 Fall (39'), 1-2 Chadli (64 ')

Charleroi: Penneteau, Diagne, Marinos (Gholizaden 75 '), Dessoleil, Nurio Fortuna, Diandy, Hendrickx (Rezaei 70'), Bruno, Fall, Morioka (Tsadjout 85 '), Nicholson
Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Sardella, Sandler, Luckassen, Dewaele, Lokonga, Vlap (Cobbaut 86 '), Verschaeren, Nasri (Amuzu 27'), Chadli (Zulj 81 '), Roofe

Yellow: Sardella (27 '), Dewaele (43'), Marinos (52 '), Sandler (58'), Nurio Fortuna (66 '), Roofe (80')
Red: /

Referee: Wesley Alen
Stadium: Stade du Pays de Charleroi

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