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WEDNESDAY, 16 OCTOBER 2019, 09:59 - lajoya
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OTHER Frank Arnesen responded for the first time to his resignation from Anderlecht. The Dane did this in the podcast 'FC Arnesen'.

Arnesen, who just had his birthday, took pies to treat on the day of his resignation. But just before the weekly meeting, Michael Verschueren asked if the Dane had a moment. Arnesen already suspected what would happen according to 'Het Laatste Nieuws'.

He calls October 3 "black Thursday," but he also admits that he understood the decision of Purple & White. Arnesen was no longer used during the last months of the summer mercato. Players like Van Crombrugge were suddenly there, while Arnesen had not been informed of their arrival.

Arnesen emphasized that he certainly did not leave with slamming doors, which is logical given the generous salary he got paid. He said goodbye to the scouting team and thanked everyone for their cooperation.

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