RSC Anderlecht has resumed training

WEDNESDAY, 15 APRIL 2020, 08:05 - lajoya
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OTHER Vincent Kompany wanted to resume training and he got his way. With respect for the corona measures, training has resumed this week. Although they are not mandatory. Players who prefer not to take the risk may continue to complete their individual program at home.

There are also players abroad who do not come to Belgium, who also have to complete their individual training program.

And that individual program is now mandatory, both for players abroad and for players who choose not to go to Neerpede. After the players agreed to drop their pay of the month of April, they were given 2 weeks leave, but that is now over and the training is therefore mandatory again.

It goes without saying that the trainings at Neerpede will differ from the normal course of events. Training is done in small groups and at a distance from each other

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