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THURSDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2021, 19:37 - lajoya
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OTHER Silvio Proto has stopped as a goalkeeper, a decision the goalkeeper has not regretted for a second. He now wants to enjoy life and his family. His vision for the future: guiding young players in the tough macho world of football.

RSC Anderlecht supporters have been calling for Proto to return for some time now, now that he is on goalkeeper's retirement, they see a place for him in the Purple & White staff. But Proto doesn't want to think about that, in the future he wants to guide young players in the macho world of football.

"The many messages from the Anderlecht fans when I sent the message to the world that I was quitting, have given me incredible joy. But my time at Anderlecht is over, I turned that page when I signed with Olympiakos. When I go back to Anderlecht, it will be as a supporter. "

Coaching young players

What Proto does want to do is guide young players in the future. "The moment you are a professional player and the media get involved, you have to be mentally strong in your shoes. The pressure is there every day and you should never show your weakness. The world of the agents is also special. They do not treat you as a person. but as a money machine and want to earn as much money as possible on your back. "

"That is why I want to guide young players and certainly not as an agent. I want to be the person they turn to when they have doubts or have a weak moment. Someone who helps them to make the right choice for themselves and not for the money."

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