Another painful defeat against KV Kortrijk

TUESDAY, 23 FEBRUARY 2021, 10:58 - D.A.B.
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GAMES Once again, Anderlecht played a dramatic match this weekend and lost once more. This time, Kortrijk proved too strong and won with 0-2. It's Anderlecht's first home defeat in about one year time. The Mauves remain fifth in the ranking, but see many teams closing in on their position. Nonetheless, also the fourth place remains one point out of reach.

Anderlecht played again a match without creating one single chance. The Mauves now have played more than 180 minutes without producing one single shot on target. Kortrijk had no problems whatsoever keeping Anderlecht at bay and countered dangerously. Wellenreuther had to save a few efforts but in the very last seconds of the first half, it was that same Wellenreuther that offered the opening goal to the visitors. The goalie made a terrible blunder on an easy header. He let the ball slip out of his hands, tried to recover his error and by doing so punched the ball into the face of Sainsbury. The ball deviated into the goal: 0-1.

Anderlecht had no reply on this setback in the second half. Kortrijk could have doubled the lead a few times in the last 45 minutes and eventually Gano did so in minute 74 when Delcroix missed his interception. 

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