2 or 4.4 million euros for Bornauw?

MONDAY, 19 JULY 2021, 15:06 - lajoya
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OTHER How much will Anderlecht earn with the transfer of Sebastiaan Bornauw from Cologne to Wolfsburg? Het Laatste Nieuws speaks of 'at least two million euros'. newspapers Het Nieuwsblad and La Dernière Heure, on the other hand, talk about 'around 4.4 million euros'.

Het Laatste Nieuws writes that Michael Verschueren said at the time that the percentage of a resale was 35 percent of the capital gain. In Cologne, however, it sounds a lot lower. If the percentage is 20 to 25 percent, Anderlecht will gain  at least two million euros, according to Het Laatste Nieuws.

Het Nieuwsblad and La Dernière Heure talk about 4.4 million euros. The latter newspaper explains that Anderlecht gets 25 percent on the added value, so about 1.75 million. In addition, a training fee of 600,000 euros and two million euros fixed that Anderlecht negotiated if Bornauw were to be sold for a higher sum than the one he came for.

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