Anderlecht lost points again (vs. Eupen)

MONDAY, 2 AUGUST 2021, 23:15 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht missed their competition start completely after a draw in Eupen. The Mauves took the lead in the first half, but even before the break the match was tied again. In the second half, both teams could have won, and especially Eupen that hit the crossbar twice came close, but neither party scored.

Prevljak opened the match with a chance for the home side, but Van Crombrugge saved. Murillo had the first opportunity for Anderlecht, but chances were overall scarce. The Mauves kept moving the ball around at low pace and took risks in the defence. Therefore, Eupen created the most danger. Though it was Anderlecht that scored first. Murillo's pass reached Amuzu and his shot was deviated by the keeper into Raman's feet who scored an easy goal. Gomez looked to double the lead, but he was stopped by Nurudeen. Anderlecht's offensive rapidly died out and Eupen equalised in injury time with a header by Cools.

After the break, Anderlecht went into the offensive. Murillo had a good chance, but the best one was for Harwood-Bellis, but his header struck the post. On Eupen's side, Ndri also hit the crossbar. Van Crombrugge saved Ngoy's attempt. 30 minutes before the end, Eupen hit the crossbar again, this time through Beck. Anderlecht seemed to realise the danger and took control over the game again. But it was Refaelov, who had come into play, who created some danger. In the last ten minutes, Gomez and Verschaeren gave it a try, but couldn't score. The match ended in a draw that way.

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