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MONDAY, 4 OCTOBER 2021, 16:43 - lajoya
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GAMES The top match between Anderlecht and Bruges ended with 1-1. The Purple & White played well, but just like last weekend, they lacked efficiency before half-time. Due to a defensive mistake, Bruges took the lead and Van Crombrugge intervened well a few times. After the break Anderlecht kept trying, but there were no real big opportunities. Substitute Raman scored the equalizer from a sharp corner and gave Anderlecht a deserved point.

Anderlecht started strongly and within a minute Zirkzee was able to head, but the Dutchman's header missed direction. Moments later, Zirkzee served Refaelov, but the Golden Boot hesitated too long. After fifteen minutes, Bruges came into the game and was presented with a goal on a golden plate. After useless passing in the back, Van Crombrugge lost the overview and instead of just kicking the ball away, the leather ended up in the feet of Rits who simply scored the 0-1. Anderlecht reacted immediately, however. Verschaeren cut two players and Mignolet out, but the goalkeeper reached out just far enough. A minute later, Refaelov put Verschaeren alone in front the Bruges goal, but the Purple & White number 51 shot just wide. After Refaelov was also unable to take advantage of a great opportunity, Bruges came up again.

Van Crombrugge kept Vanaken from the 0-2 after half an hour with a great save. Then Gomez and again Van Crombrugge had to intervene to keep Sowah from a chance and a goal. Anderlecht were once again dangerous before the break, but Zirkzee and Harwood-Bellis hindered each other on a standstill phase. In a first half in which the game was played quickly, Anderlecht were good and had enough chances to score more than once. Besides the goal in gift wrapping, Bruges was also very dangerous a few times.

Anderlecht continued to play decently after the break and could occasionally create some small chances, but Bruges kept the game under control. Verschaeren shot on target several times and Amuzu also went wide once, but the great opportunities were not there. Fifteen minutes before time, Amuzu served substitute Raman. Sobol covered from the wrong side and while Mignolet expected a cross, Raman pushed the ball into the goal himself. Anderlecht regained their confidence. Mignolet saved when Murillo appeared in front of him, ten minutes after the equalizer. However, both teams ran out of fuel and the top match ended in a draw.

Anderlecht could certainly have beaten Bruges, but they missed too many chances before the break and it almost killed itself with a mistake. Fortunately, Raman was able to level Anderlecht in a second half with fewer chances. Anderlecht therefore draws for the third time in a row and remains in the middle of the ranking. .

Score: 1-1
Goal(s): 0-1 Zipper 15', 1-1 Raman 75'

Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Harwood-Bellis, Hoedt, Gomez, Olsson, Cullen, Refealov (Raman 72'), Amuzu (Ait El Hadj 87'), Verschaeren, Zirkzee (Ashimeru 83')
Club Brugge: Mignolet, Mata, Nsoki, Hendry, Sobol, Balanta, Rits, Vanaken, Sowah (Vormer 64'), Lang (Van der Brempt 87'), De Ketelaere

Yellow: Sobol 43', Refaelov 50', Long 69', Hoedt 69', Balanta 78', De Ketelaere 90'

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Lotto Park

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