Nmecha declares love to Anderlecht: "I'm a big fan"

TUESDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2021, 10:00 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS A few months after his departure from Anderlecht, Lukas Nmecha has not forgotten purple and white. On Instagram he regularly posts videos to wish his old club success and in Het Laatste Nieuws this weekend he declared his love. "Usually you have sympathy for your ex-clubs, but Anderlecht is different. I'm a big fan."

Nmecha calls Anderlecht the real beginning of his career. "Never before had I experienced such a family atmosphere," Nmecha says. According to the German, it is common in soccer for players to hope for a misstep by their direct rival within the team, but at Anderlecht it is not so. "Even those who were on the bench wanted the best for those who did play," he says.

"Youth work approaches perfection"

Last season's Anderlecht gave a lot of youth players opportunities. "The way Anderlecht does youth work approaches perfection," Nmecha thinks. The striker thinks it's a pity that guys like Doku left so quickly. "If he would have stayed a bit longer, he would have played everything to pieces." 

Amuzu and Ait El Hadj also charm Nmecha greatly. According to Nmecha, the latter is one of the greatest talents with whom he has already played. "Today he is the best, tomorrow he loses the ball too easily," He thinks both of them are still a little too volatile. "But they will get there anyway," he says.

"I want to go to the World Cup in Qatar."

Nmecha would have liked to stay, but a higher goal prevented that. "I would like to get to the World Cup in Qatar, but for that I have to play in the Bundesliga or Premier League," he knows. 

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