Vandenhaute: "I'm afraid we have lost Bounida"

TUESDAY, 4 JANUARY 2022, 09:43 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS There is a very good chance that Rayane Bounida will leave Anderlecht next summer. Speaking to the podcast MidMid, chairman Wouter Vandenhaute says he assumes the 15-year-old super talent will sign elsewhere in March. "Maybe our supporters should organize mass marches in Vilvoorde," he says.

"At the age of 15 he could sign a contract with us. He didn't do that," says Vandenhaute. "In March he will be sixteen and then he can also sign abroad. I think he slipped out of our hands."

"People make choices. I think it's super sad that he would leave us. Also for the club. I am also convinced that it would be much better for everyone, including the family, should Rayane break through at Anderlecht."

"If you are trained somewhere and that club makes all the efforts for you, then I think it is also the most beautiful thing that you break through there. Anderlecht is a beautiful club. Should Rayane break through at Anderlecht, the sky is still the limit. But people are free and sometimes make other choices ..."

"Door remains wide open"

A while ago Anderlecht announced that it no longer puts big amounts on the table for youth players. Purple-White will therefore not go along with a financial bid for Bounida. "We have to convince players to choose us for the right reasons, not because of money," says Vandenhaute.

"But our door remains wide open for him. I have a good relationship with his father, brothers and sisters. Should they change their minds, I will be the first to embrace it. But I fear there will be very little that can be done about it."

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