Well-deserved victory against Antwerp

MONDAY, 14 MARCH 2022, 11:31 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht booked a well-deserved victory against Antwerp. It won with 2-1, but it had enough chances to score more goals. Apart from the equalizer, Antwerp was hardly dangerous. Next weekend, another crucial match will take place. Then the purple and white travel to Ghent.

The nervous study round lasted almost twenty minutes until Benson opened the debates with a central shot. The first chance for Anderlecht was a direct hit. Refaelov hooked a bit and served Ashimeru who released Zirkzee. The Dutchman was given a lot of space and put the ball over Butez. Anderlecht immediately went in search of the 2-0. Kouamé passed to Verschaeren who turned away and volleyed the ball, but Butez was able to save. 

In minute 34', the same players had the chance to double the lead, but Kouamé fouled too much and Verschaeren misjudged the ball. Zirkzee also headed half a metre wide. Anderlecht dominated and Antwerp wasn't dangerous until Frey broke away and Buta easily passed Gomez. The cross slipped through Kana's legs and into the feet of Yusuf who scored the equaliser from close range. Antwerp could certainly not complain about the half-time score.

After the break, Anderlecht succeeded in continuing the good first half, although the unfortunate Kana had to retire due to an injury. Sardella was his replacement. Just before the hour, Refaelov sent Kouamé deep and after Butez slipped on the striker, Visser pointed to the spot. Refaelov cleverly converted the eleven-metre mark against his former club. A good five minutes later Verschaeren served Zirkzee well, but this time he finished too casually and Butez put his hand in front of it.

Kompany brought on Amuzu and Raman. Fifteen minutes before the end Amuzu was able to go in at goal alone, but when it came to finishing Amuzu lacked the necessary power. Antwerp did develop pressure, but lacked the necessary creativity to create an opening. Frey was well kept out by the Purple and White defence. In the extra time, Ashimeru Kouamé launched an attack, but the hard-working Ivorian was exhausted and finished weakly. A minute before the end, Mykhailichenko was able to kick from the wing into an empty goal after Butez had gone on the attack, but the Ukrainian aimed just wide. A pity, because who wouldn't have wanted him to score that goal?

Anderlecht deservedly won this top match. It was the better team before half-time, but it failed to reward its good period with more than a goal. After the break, it climbed back into the lead and again failed to score more, but Antwerp couldn't threaten anymore after the break. Anderlecht jumps to place three in the league after the victory.
Score: 2-1
Goal(s): 1-0 Zirkzee (23'), 1-1 Yusuf (42'), 2-1 Refaelov (pen) (58')

Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Magallan, Kana (Sardella 53'), Gomez, Cullen, Ashimeru, Refaelov (Raman 67'), Verschaeren (Mykhailichenko 89'), Zirkzee (Amuzu 67'), Kouamé
Antwerp:Butez, Buta, Dessoleil (Almeida 67'), Seck, Vines (Bataille 46'), Verstraete, Nainggolan, Yusuf (Miyoshi 75'), Balikwisha, Benson (Samatta 89'), Frey

Yellow: Nainggolan (13'), Buta (32'), Gomez (32'), Vines (43'), Yusuf (71'), Sardella (74'), Kouamé (90+3')

Referee: Lawrence Visser
Stadium: Lotto Park

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