No international games for Verschaeren and Delcroix

THURSDAY, 19 MAY 2022, 13:23 - lajoya
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GAMES The name of Yari Verschaeren was not mentioned yesterday when Roberto Martinez and Jacky Mathijssen announced their selections for the Red Devils and the U21. They probably opted to give the small, but annoying injury he is suffering a rest.

At Anderlecht, Verschaeren has been a bench player the past few weeks. Not because his performances were lacking, but because he has been struggling with his groin for some time. For that reason, he will probably not be called up. The selection of the Red Devils he might not have reached, but in normal circumstances he would certainly be selected for the U21 team.

Hannes Delcroix can also start his vacation on Monday. The defender is very much in the eye of national coach Martinez, but given his injury history this season Martinez doesn't want to rush anything. "Delcroix must get ready for next season, just like Jérémy Doku," said the national coach.

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